Canada Cup: Day 2

A bit of a blustery day in Moose Jaw! Today is the day when the standings matter - it's a short competition, so you lose 3 and you're out.

I thought I'd post some (as usual poor quality) backstage shots today...

Left side of the announcer's booth. I wonder what's written on those papers?

Right side of the announcer's booth and TV camera.

Sound man.

Backstage, curlers watching the extra ends of other games on TV before the lunch break.

Empty media scrum area...

and now we're ready to film so bring on the curlers.

My view of the media scrums behind the camera.

Security, keeping an eye on the Tim Horton's delivery. Very important.

Stoughton, taking photos with babies. I didn't know he was running for Mayor.

Not much else to report today. I worked some. I watched curling some. The action on the ice has been excellent and I'm having a good time working with all the people here. Overall I'm quite enjoying this change of scenery!