Canada Cup: Arrival and Day 1

So. Here I am. In friendly Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for the next five days. Hanging out at the Canada Cup.

Wait? How did that happen?

Well, as you know I'm kind of an "ambitious" curling volunteer, and I've worked my way up a ways in the volunteer ranks. I had a great time hanging out with the CCA backstage folks at the Scotties last year. This summer I let the CCA IT guy know I needed a vacation the end of November and wanted to go to Moose Jaw, and he made it happen.

So here I am.

I flew out to Moose Jaw Tuesday night. Even though I'd been dreaming for weeks about arriving at the Regina airport and having to walk to Moose Jaw, there was a friendly volunteer driver waiting for me. We chatted about hockey, curling, volunteering and the city of Moose Jaw for the 45 minute drive in. I checked into the hotel, and then had a late dinner with the CCA IT guy who will be my boss for the week, as well as Grassroots Curling, who is writing draw summaries and updating the social media at the event. We talked about my event duties as well as the general "what's what in the curling world". I love working these event - the people are so welcoming and friendly!

After an unsuccessful trip to get groceries, it was off to bed in my luxuries hotel room for the night!

On Wednesday, I arrived at the arena a bit after the morning draw started. The benefit to attending an event in a smaller city? I can walk the 2.5 blocks to work! It's an interesting walk through downtown. Moose Jaw seems to be a nice little city - great old architecture downtown, and so far very friendly folks. I found my way to accreditation, then to the media workroom. After a quick tour of backstage, I watched a bit of the action from the media bench.

Then it kicked into high gear. One of my jobs here this week is filming the media scrums. I got a bit of training, but wow, bit of a learning curve there! Basically I stand behind a camera and film while the reporters ask the players questions as they come off the ice after the games. Next, I take the raw video footage and edit it into a short video, which I then publish to the CCA's youtube site, as well as Curling TV.

Here's my first attempt:

Yeah, so that took awhile. And this will be repeated after every draw, so 3 times a day for these next three days and then twice on the weekend. I'll be a pro soon!

Lunch time!! We headed to the Patch for a quick lunch. It's a curling rink! They put down a temporary floor and besides it being a bit chilly you'd never know!

Another one of my jobs is to upload, edit titles and descriptions and tag the official photos from the photographer to the CCA's flickr page. Sounds pretty straightforward, if a wee bit tedious - yay for CTRL-V! (And please don't go in and critique my spelling - I think I caught it all...)

So today was a long day. Hopefully things will go quicker once I get more comfortable with everything, and maybe I'll actually get to watch a bit more curling! But, so far so good and it's been really fun being back at an event!


  1. While in Moosejaw and if you have any spare time be sure to do the underground tunnel tour very cool and well done.

    1. If I get time that's first on my list to visit!


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