Curling Team Shake Up

Oh October. Curling season. Must mean good times ahead!!

Though I get on the ice this week, the pros have been curling in bonspiels most weekends in September.  TV events will be starting in a November, but in the meantime, Curlingkanalen, CurlingZone and 12th End Sports Network have been streaming games online.

Have you been watching? Did you notice some new faces? New line ups? Time for a look at what happened during the summer - the annual curling team shake-up!

Team Ferbey: Randy Ferbey has retired. Scott Pfeifer has teamed up with Blake MacDonald, Jamie King and Jeff Erickson to play a few spiels 'non-competitively' - wonder if that will change since they won The Shoot Out in Edmonton a few weeks ago?

Team Appelman: now consists of Ted and Tom Appelman, Brendan Melnyk, and Brent Bawel.

Team Stoughton: Steve Gould got "fired", and Mark Nichols will join the team.

Team Nedohin: Dave Nedohin is now curling with Colin Hodgson, Tom Sallows and Mike Westlund (Amy Nixon's husband).

Team Gushue: Ryan Fry is gone. Brett Gallant is in.

Team Jacobs: Scott Seabrook is out. Ryan Fry is in. Steve Gould will be 'mentoring'.

Team Cotter: Gunnlaugson is in, and Kevin Folk is out.

Team Scotland: Brewster and Murdoch will team up.

Team Nixon: Nadine Chyz, Whitney Eckstrand and Tracy Bush will join the team skipped by Amy Nixon.

Team Kelibrink: Nixon is out, so Shannon Kleibrink and Bronwen Webster will be joined by Kalynn Park and Chelsey Matson.

Team Holland: The championship team broke up. Holland is now curling with Jolene Campbell, Brooklyn Lemon and Dailene Siverston.

Team Scott: Jeanna Schraeder is back and Sarah Wazney will join the team.

Team Bernard: Joining Cheryl Bernard will be Susan O'Connor, Lori Olson-Johns and Shannon Aleksic.

Team Jones: Jennifer Jones is pregnant (with partner Brent Laing) so Kirsten Wall will be joining the team and Kaitlyn Lawes will skip for a bit.

Well, who did I miss???