Balcony Garden: Epic Fail of 2012

A few days after I posted my last balcony garden post about the lush, promisingly productive jungle growing on my balcony, it all went swiftly downhill.

Those f-ing leafminers claimed my swiss chard and beautiful beet leaves again. Everyone I've talked to this year has had trouble with leafminers. Why? Who knows. Destructive little buggers. I cut down my chard again in hopes it would grow back pest free, but after a recent massive rain, this is what is now claiming my chard:

What was the star of my garden last year has been nothing but a huge pain in the ass this year.

The lettuce died of wilt and sunburn, the beans and peas died without producing much because they're pots weren't deep enough. Powdery mildew got at the zucchini, which makes me super sad because I had good luck with that last year too. Fortunately the zucchini fairy made a visit to my office. Hopefully she makes another visit or two before harvest is over.

My broccoli, cauliflower and purple basil got decimated by cabbage worms. Prolific little suckers. One day the cauliflower was there, then next day it was a mound of ash. Eaten by weird, ugly little green wormy things I pulled off most of my pots. Jerks.

And the mint, well it's possible I forgot to water it over folk fest weekend and that's that.

I did get one good helping of pesto out of my green basil plant, but it stopped growing well and became leggy shortly after.

The damn leafminers might've gotten my beet leaves but I have enough baby beets to make a pot of borscht. So not a total loss. And the pansies are still growing.

I'm pulling up and trashing everything in my garden today. It's a bit early, but all that's left growing is stunted basil leaves and infested chard. What an epic fail of a year. I tried a few new things, I was perhaps overly ambitious, but in the end my efforts got defeated by pests. Jerks.

What's in store for next year? I'd try growing swiss chard, beets, zucchini and basil again. I think I need to be less ambitious next year though. Fingers crossed I might be in a house with a real garden!!!

My inside houseplant garden is growing nicely. In fact, I'm mostly constantly at critical mass. I have had a few sad loses though. Molly toppled a small dracaena, and ate most of ornamental mini palm. My ivy recently died of unknown causes. And I lost my large air plant, and one of the smaller air plants I smuggled in (legally of course) from San Diego.

My last remaining air plant. It's neat. He's called Charlie.

I recently bought a couple more succulents because I have a plant buying problem (at least I don't regularly buy new cats!). Cool looking little plants. Must. Buy. More. Cool. Plants.

So I guess it's all even because even though my balcony garden was an epic fail, my house is nice and green. Guess it's back to the grocery store for me!