Balcony Garden: One Month Update

One month in and my balcony garden is doing great - sort of.

I've encountered two problems I never had to deal with last year.

First, leaves on many of my plants started turning yellow. Google told me it was probably a nitrogen deficiency - stupid cheap Walmart soil. I fertilized and the plants have bounced back.

My second problem is way worse - leaf miners are destroying my beets, swiss chard and spinach. Stupid cheap Walmart soil. The spinach I could care less about, Molly liked it better than I did. The chard was the star of my garden last year, so it hurts my pride that the damn bugs are going to get most of it. The beets are a new thing for me, so I'm annoyed that the damn bugs are going to get most of the leafs. Beet leaf cabbage rolls are my favourite. It's possible the beets will still grow a bit, but the leaves are useless.

Leaf miner damage on my swiss chard.

Otherwise things are growing well! It's a jungle out there (for Molly anyways).

Beans are growing better than last year.

Herbs - love the purple basil.


Mostly lush and green!

Note to self: don't buy stupid cheap Walmart soil next year.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I'm a journalist with CBC Radio. I have a question about beet leaf rolls. Can you e-mail me at as soon as you get a chance? Thanks, Elizabeth.


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