Balcony Garden: It's a Jungle out there!

I got back from vacation recently to find my balcony garden had turned into a bit of a jungle with all the rain that fell while I was away! Yum!

Nice and shady for Molly! My cauliflower is large, but the pot isn't big enough to produce a head. I'll know for next year. I've got lot's of zucchini though!

Just like last year, lot's of pretty scarlet runner bean blossoms, which wont produce many beans though because the pot isn't big enough. Yes, this is a bit of an issue - I'm a bit too enthusiastic a gardener for my pots.

Peas!! Again, the pot isn't big enough to produce large healthy pods, but I've got enough to snack on a bit.

Beets and mint leaves are nice and lush!

More herbs than I know what to do with! Time to try making pesto I think.

Broccoli flowers! I neglected to pick the broccoli in time to eat it, but it was worth it because I've never seen broccoli flowers before. Very pretty.