Balcony Garden: Inside Edition 2012

I've cemented my reputation as a cat lady, and now I'm working on plant lady. The amount of house plants in my condo has reached critical mass. I've got no more room in the areas the cat can't get to.

There have been some plant tragedies at my place though. I've killed a few more delicate house plants by over watering (oops). Molly has killed a couple by snacking on them. And ever since my first orchid died, I haven't been able to keep others alive long.

But I'm still trying...

Hoya, from my aunt. 

Trying to grow some baby echeveria succulent plants from the main one I beheaded (see below), but it's not going too well. Also trying to rescue a spider plant Molly nibbled to near death.

Bamboo. An orchid I can't throw out because somehow it's still producing a new leaf even though the other ones are dying. Baby palm I almost threw out after Molly ate it, but it's starting to produce new fronds. The Jasmine was looking a little worse for wear and hadn't produced a flower in about ten months - and two days after I took this photo it died completely. Another spider plant tucked away that is flourishing nicely.

Rubber plant that seems to be doing quite well near my tv.

Areca palm, which is half as lush as it used to be. I think the flouride in our water is slowly killing it. Sad.

ZZ plant, which is supposed to be unkillable, but I just repotted it so I'm sure its days are numbered.

A new ivy plant since I recently killed my leggy fittonia, and a spider plant that survived Molly's snacktime. To the right, and below, is my new air plant. It doesn't require soil - just a misting of water daily. We'll see how long it takes for me to kill this one. It's kinda cool though!

Normal people have a dresser, I have a plant hospital. Here is my dieffenbachia (which has some sunburns or something), golden pothos (which survived root rot, and has since been supplemented by a couple cuttings from work), rhoeo, and unknown cutting that I stole from work. Any idea what's in the green pot? I'm thinking a wax plant? I "borrowed" it from work. Libraries are good at sharing.

The biggest tragedy - the death of my dracena marginata tree. It used to be an actual tree, with four stalks and eight branch clusters like these. Last November, I covered the soil to keep the cat out, which produced the exact right conditions for a millipede invasion. It was icky. Seriously. The millipedes covered the top of the soil and were climbing out of the pot. I would find shrivelled dead bugs all over the floor. Icky. So friends came over and we tried to drown all the bugs. Messy. Very messy. And it didn't work, those damn millipedes were still alive, so we repotted the tree. It was ok for a bit, but eventually succumbed to root rot. The other three stalks and branches shrivelled. I tried to save the last two of the leafy stalks, but they didn't reroot and died. Fail.

Jade, which has survived mold. Christmas cactus, it actually had flowers about six months ago and is growing new leaves again after half of it died because the pot fell off the window ledge. Oops. Echeveria, which grew really leggy and tall, it looked like a palm tree, so I was going to throw it out but two babies appeared at the base of the truck, so I beheaded the crown and it seems to be doing ok in a shrivelling and dying sort of way, plus I'm trying to propagate the other leaves (which is not going ok). Polka dot plant, which got extremely leggy and again was bound for the garbage, but then started growing again after I cut the stalks off.

Lipstick plant, bought on impulse because I was mad I couldn't buy a big comfy chair for my balcony because the veggie plants take up too much room. It fell over in my car, and three of the stalks bent, so I reckon it's days are numbered. I've already taken the three broken branches off to try reroot in glass of water.

Philodendron, which is doing remarkably well. Flourishing even. About time something grows well in this place!

Can you see a theme? Molly and I seem to unintentionally harm my poor plants. But I'm trying. And some are surviving. And some are growing. So I'll keep trying.


  1. Awesome balcony garden...

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