Curling on TV: Maybe?

Curling? What's that? Oh yeah, that thing I used to do 2-3 times a week.

Gosh I miss it.

But yes, it's still going on in the real world - it's time for the last pro event of the season - The Player's Championship.

Running from April 17-22 in P.E.I., this is the last event of the Grand Slam season. Points (and thus a direct spot in the 2013 trials) are on the line. Money is on the line. And because CBC "quit" curling, we wont get to watch any of it.

Or will we?

Apparently Global has picked up the two finals. My TV says the Women's final is on Saturday, April 21 at 10am (MT). The Men's final should be on Sunday, April 22 at 10am (MT). Cheryl Bernard, Don Duguid and Don Landry will be commentating. I for one am super interested to see how Global handles this.

Check out the rest of the schedule if you want to follow along. A ton of the curlers are on twitter now, so that's where all be getting my updates during the week.

Here's the teams:

Edin - Niklas Edin is out, Kraupp is skipping and James Grattan is in at third. (Wish Vic was commentating, he says "Oromocto" with such gusto.)
Epping - Scott Howard will be back at second after his World Championship appearance.
Gushue - Fry is gone, so Brett Gallant will be sparing at third.
Howard - World Champs!
Stoughton - Gould is gone, Mark Nicols is in at lead.

Hmm, some interesting sparing going on there. I want to know why Nicols isn't sparing for Gushue like old times?

Overton-Clapham - Ashley Howard is the second, now that's a curling family!
Tirinzoni - Who? Never heard of this team from Switzerland.

Last picks of the season - Howard and, hmm, let's go with Jones for vengeance sake!