Why I Love #Curling: As Published in 'The Curling News'!

A couple of weeks ago, the editor of The Curling News emailed me to ask if I'd write a bit about why I love curling for their February Valentines/Love themed issue.

Uh, yeah, of course I'd love to write something for The Curling News! How exciting!

(Scroll past my rant to read my submission.)

Secretly, for the past year one of my goals for this whole crazy curling adventure was to get published* somehow in The Curling News (for the uninitiated, a print newspaper that goes out 6 times a season that's full of curling curling and more curling - to go along with a blog, facebook page and excellent twitter feed.).

Goal accomplished! And even though it's not hardcore reporting or an actual article, I think my little bit came out well (clearly I like to ramble). My copy arrived in the mail last week and this is how it turned out...

Notice the error?

Look again...

Yep, they screwed up my website. Seven years ago when I naively chose my URL I put dashes in it. Who knew, seven years later, it would matter.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty sad the website is wrong. Now people who read my story are going to miss out on my awesome blog because they accidentally got directed to a crappy website that hasn't been updated since 2004. And what if they think that crappy website is mine?!


And then I went to the Oilers game and Sam Gagner scored 4 goals and had 4 assists which meant he had 8 points which ties an Oilers record that Gretzky (x2) and Coffey had and the Oilers (29th place at that time) demolished the Blackhawks (6th place) by a score of 8-4 and Gagner got the first, second and third star and it was a super awesome exciting game and I got cheer like a crazy woman while seeing it live at the arena with my favourite Oilers fans.

So I forgot all about the URL snafu. (Seriously, that was some hockey game!)

The next day I realized a couple things:

1. People aren't stupid. They'll go to the crappy website and realize it's the wrong place and they'll google it and will get redirected to this awesome blog (Hi! Welcome! Yes, you're in the right place!). Or they wont. And I need to stop worrying about what others think of me.

2. I am in such good company! Check out the rest of the curling love story page:

I'm the only non-professional-ish curler on the page! There's a Brier Champ, a US Jr. Champ, a Canadian Jr Champ, an Olympian from Denmark, a Youth Olympian from New Zealand, a Curling Calendar Girl and a Canadian Olympian/3x World Champ! It's a humbling experience to share a page with such accomplished curlers. Those folks train(ed) and practice(d) and play(ed) at a top level, and I just blog and tweet and hang out at curling venues. We're all awesome in our own way. I'm super lucky to have been asked to contribute. Thank you for the opportunity Curling News!

They did apologize over twitter so all is forgiven. It was a cool opportunity and in the end it turned out great!

You should all subscribe to The Curling News and/or head out to your local curling club to pick up a copy and read my curling love story, but also the other curling love stories, as well as the rest of the paper because it's usually well worth a read.

Without further ado**, my curling love story...

What do I love most about curling? Easy answer: curling people rock!  I love that I can walk into a curling club and start a conversation with anyone - curlers are among the friendliest folks I've ever met.  
I love that I can spend eight ends yapping with my teammates or my opponents (or whomever happens to be playing on the neighbouring sheets) about this, that and the other.   
I love that I can discuss recent TV events or my team's latest winning (or more often losing) streak with curling people from around the world online via social media.  
I love that when I volunteer for big events like the Brier or the Scotties I get to belong to a large team of like minded people who work their hardest to make sure everyone has a great time - all the while having tons of fun.  
I love that when I volunteer for local events at my curling club I get to learn about the sport from those who are always willing to share insightful experiences.  
I love that curlers, regardless of age or ability, are always willing to share a laugh with a fan or a friend.
 Some of my favourite people are curling people, and I love that the sport has given me the opportunity to meet such wonderful people!

*My other writing/publishing related goal is to write a small column for the daily newspaper they put out every day at the venues during Canadian Curling Association events. It would be a daily profile of a volunteer - nothing fancy, just a small photo plus maybe 5 questions like Where are they from?/What is their volunteer job that week?/What is their favourite part about volunteering for events?/What's their favourite part of the event so far? - that sort of stuff. It wouldn't take up much space, and I think it would help increase the profile of volunteers to get more people involved. I'm still waiting for the email asking me to do this. If you know Larry Wood or the other CCA newspaper folks put in a good word for me, k?!

**I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here since it's been published due to copyright blah blah blah but I'm doing it anyways. I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. That's fantastic. I just started a curling blog as well. Still getting my feet wet on it and really figuring out what direction I want to take it in. Please check it out. Any feedback would be great. http://throwingrocksathouses.tumblr.com/
    Your success is inspiring.

  2. Thanks! Great new blog, keep it up!

  3. That's awesome!! Got to see it in print at the curling club yesterday, looks good!
    Hope you have a great time volunteering at the Scotties this year! I brought the topic of taking a week (or a bit less off) next February to go volunteer when the Scotties comes to Kingston so I'm looking forward to that & will really enjoy reading about your experience this year :)

  4. Thanks Cheryl, I'm looking forward to writing about the Scotties - it'll be a good time!


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