Curling on TV: 2012 Scotties

It's almost time for a week of 3x a day curling draws to watch on tv - it's Scotties Tournament of Hearts time!

The Scotties runs from Saturday February 18 to Sunday February 26. This year it's in Red Deer, Alberta - 2 hours south of where I live. That means I wont be watching any of it on tv because I'll be out there volunteering all week!

Here's the line up of teams:

Canada: Amber Holland
Alberta: Heather Nedohin
BC: Kelly Scott
Manitoba: Jennifer Jones
New Brunswick: Rebecca Atkinson
Newfoundland & Labrador: Heather Strong
Northwest Territories/Yukon: Kerry Galusha*
Nova Scotia: Heather Smith-Dacey
Ontario: Tracy Horgan
PEI: Kim Dolan
Quebec: Marie-France Larouche
Saskatchewan: Michelle Englot

That's 3 Heathers and quite a few upsets! I'll admit I don't know half the field, so it'll be an interesting week. It could be anyone's game but I'll predict a Jones/Nedohin final

You can watch all the action on TSN. They'll have the games live on tv, on mobile tv (only if you have Bell or Virgin - boo!) and on demand shortly after the game. I hear they might be live streaming some of the morning/afternoon games too. Check out the draw and the TV schedule.

You can follow the scores via the Scotties website (Curlcast) or the CCA's mobile app. TSN also has an app.

CCA also has something new, the Pick 'em Challenge, which I think is like a Scotties pool or fantasy curling like CurlingZone runs. I'm going to give it a try, so I'll let you know what I think

I'm so excited to volunteer - check back for my daily posts from the Scotties!

* Did you know Kerry Galusha is Jamie Koe's (NWT/YK Brierbound) twin and the sister of Kevin Koe (AB Brierbound) - what a year for the Koe family!


  1. Holland v. Smith-Dacey final. You heard it here.

  2. CCA Pick'em Challenge is pretty much exactly like CurlingZone Fantasy Curling, except in a much, much more user-friendly interface!


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