2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Epilogue

Going to work (extra early) day 1 post 2012 Scotties is not quite the same as hanging out with awesome people watching the country's best curling.

In total, I wrote about 15,000 words during the Scotties. That's like a whole other Master's Degree! Just like my Roar and Continental Cup epilogues, here is my top 5 from the Scotties...

1. Working for/with the Canadian Curling Association
I really, really appreciate the opportunity to hang out and work with the CCA people I met during the Scotties. They made it fun. They made it not lonely. They made me challenge myself. They made me laugh. They made my week awesome. I hope the CCA liked my effort enough to ask me back and I hope I get to meet up with them somewhere down the road!

The office - home for the week!

2. Talking to fantastic people
I did a whole bunch of interviews with a whole bunch of really friendly people, and over the course of the week I talked to even more really friendly people. That's the best part of working and attending these events - and it's the part that everyone I interviewed said was their favourite - curling people are awesome.

Friends also came down to watch some games - I love watching curling with friends! Good times.

3. Tweeting from the Media Bench during the finals
I wrote articles, but I also tweeted scores for the last three final games. For some odd reason, I really like tweeting curling scores (weird, I know, weird) but rarely do it anymore from my own account, so this opportunity was super fun. Besides tweeting, I got to enjoy sitting on the Media Bench, chatting to fantastic people and watching stellar, intense, and super exciting curling. It was surreal. At one point, it hit me that I was watching a national final. And it was awesome.

Team Alberta - the new Team Canada! What an exciting game!

4. Backstage Access
So the CCA gave me an all access pass to the backstage/behind-the-scenes areas. If you follow this blog you know already I love that sort of stuff. It was permission to tweet like a maniac.

The TSN mobile truck - so neat!

5. The curling
Dude, I watched the Canadian Women's Curling Final live!! The ladies were making stellar shots all week! It was good viewing for sure.

Four sheets of awesome curling all week long!

Want to relive my adventures?

My "Scotties Spotlight" articles written for the CCA

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What's next?
Well, while I'm heading out to watch a few games at the Brier in Saskatoon next weekend, it'll be awhile until I get to volunteer for the CCA again at an event. I 100% will volunteer for the Brier in Edmonton next year. I'm still waiting to hear about whether I get to be a volunteer director, but regardless I'll be there volunteering in some capacity. I've considered heading out to Moose Jaw to do the 2012 Canada Cup, but after all the highway driving I did at the Scotties, I don't think I can do more winter highway driving to go 4x farther in December. And besides, my mother has forbid me from driving to Moose Jaw in December. And there's no airport there, so yeah. Probably not going to happen. I'm still 99% sure I'm going to Winnipeg for the 2013 Trials (already saving my pennies!). And beyond 2014 they haven't announced any more locations, so that's that.

Will I get to volunteer for the CCA or as part of the local organizing team? Who knows. A lot can change in a year. I would love love love to hang out with the CCA again, but I'd go back to taking out garbages again too. I just want to be involved with the events, because they are a good time full of good people.

2013 is so far away...