2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 9

Last day!

I was at the arena early, and I mean early, like I got up earlier than I would for work. Yuck. But it was for a good reason - I was back on the media bench to tweet the bronze medal game. I really enjoyed hanging out with the statisticians, they are a good bunch. The crowd was a little on the light side, but it was early. And a Sunday. And the bronze medal game. I know the curlers hate it, but in most sports you have to earn bronze so I don't have a super big problem with it. Curling is curling and it's fun to watch regardless, this coming from someone who didn't want tiebreakers so they could sleep in but then really missed tiebreakers because it meant no curling and that's boring. There's nothing wrong with bronze, it sure beats what I've got.

Anyway. The game was close until MB got 4 in 7, then it was just a matter of holding out until 10 ends were finished.

There wasn't any time to go out to grab something to eat, so mostly I just wasted my time in the office backstage waiting for the final to start. I reclaimed my spot on the media bench and settled in for the final.

It was a great game. The downside of sitting on the bench was that I wasn't allowed to cheer - which was tough because the ladies were making some great shots! It was an exciting game, very tense. I wasn't particular who won as I figured both would AB and BC would be good representatives at the worlds, but in the end AB came out with the win. They were so excited!!

Let the game begin!

Congrats Team Nedohin!

Her first interview (TSN) after the win.

Scott, swamped by the media.

An entire pipe band!

Team Canada!!

The podium way off in the distance.

It hit me finally, while I was standing on the bench watching this all go down - I was there live to watch a national championship. How awesome is that?! It was incredible, the energy of the crowd, the skill of the players, the amazing atmosphere. Wow. What a week!!

It's amazing how quickly everything gets taken down afterwards. I probably gave up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the banquet, but I hadn't been looking forward to that snowy/icy/foggy drive home all week and wanted to get out of the arena and on the highway before the sun went down.

Oh the sad moment at the end when you have to say goodbye to your friends and your home for the week. It was a bittersweet moment for sure, saying good bye to my CCA friends but I know I'll see them down the road somewhere. It was awfully nice of them to let me hangout all week - the CCA was really good to me! I learned a ton, had a load of fun, and was sad to have it end, but as all good things do, it did. A few thank yous, a few hugs, and I was heading down the highway, chasing the daylight.

Besides some weird ice fog outside of Leduce, my drive wasn't too bad at all. My cat was certainly happy to see me, and besides a couple dead plants, you'd never know I left for the week.

Oh the memories.