2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 8

I started my day off early with another massage, provided free to the volunteers from the Alberta Institute of Massage Therapy. Fantastic way to start a day!

From there I quick caught up with more lovely fans prior to the game. This was probably my last interview of the week. I've really enjoyed talking to people. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. They are always eager to give their thoughts. I think my articles have been sounding a bit sugary and similar, but honestly, that's what the people are saying - they're having a fantastic time! I haven't had to poke or prompt or anything!

I spent most of the first draw writing up my homestretch article and pottering on the internet. After the fifth end break I went up into the stands to watch the rest of the AB/QC page 3-4 playoff. There's been some good curling out there this week, and today is a perfect example of that. Tense, but super exciting.

We went out quickly to grab lunch after the draw, and happened upon a lovely moment. We were listening to the driver's CB, and the dispatch guy let a fan come on, who gushed about how awesome the drivers have been this week. This prompted a flood of drivers saying their thanks and about how awesome their team has been. Finally the dispatch guy said something like "Time for a group hug!" Gosh it was so cute, we laughed and laughed. They have been doing a great job, everyone has. It's that point of the event where life starts to become a little bittersweet. Everyone is in their routine, things are running awesome, everyone is happy and friends - but we know it's coming to an end. Just like everyone else, I'll be happy to go home and get back to real life with all it's conveniences, but I will miss all of this.

Quick lunch, then my job shifted - for the rest of the event I wont be writing articles (I finished what I needed to do). Instead, I'll be perched up on the media bench with the statisticians tweeting linescores. Awe-some!! I did the AB/MB semi final and it was super fun. The view of the game is great, and the statisticians are really nice. We chat about the game, but I've also learned a bit about what they do. It's been really interesting. I did linescores for Curlcast during the wheelies, but they explained to me how they score players. The need to know what shot is called (and sometimes they miss it or don't see it so they asked me as I was listening to the TSN feed), then they score the shot made out of 4. It helps to know the game for sure.

It was a great game. The crowd was the largest I've seen all week, and into it, including the high-larious commercial break antics perpetrated by the always funny MC.

Brendan Bottcher and Evan Asmussen of the Canadian Jr. Men's team. Both AB/Canadian Championship teams were here to be introduced to the crowd.

My view from the media bench.

Handshakes, ready to go!

My media benchmates, the statisticians, chief statistician, chief umpire and TSN commentator Brian Mudryk. The media/reporters sit in the two rows in front of us.

Heather Nedohin talking to Brian after her big win. She's hilarious on camera.

In the end, AB won on a super close measure - the home province crowd went insane! What an unpredictable week (as evident from my tanking in both my club pool and pickem.curling.ca)!

I hung around the HeartStop to hear a couple songs by the Mudmen (rockin' bagpipes, but I had to leave after they murdered a Great Big Seas song), then almost got locked out of the basement. Fortunately I found a way in before I had to call reinforcements, then it was back on the snowy blowy highway for my last night in Innisfail.

One more day to go!