2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 7

Lazy day.

There were no tiebreakers, so the only game today wasn't until later in the evening. So, I slept late and generally did nothing for a couple hours. Then I got bored. So I checked my work email and realized I needed to use my laptop to fix a few things. Problem was my laptop was locked in the office way back at the arena. Eventually I made it to the venue at about 3pm to rescue my laptop and sort out my real life.

Following that, the late afternoon and evening was a whirlwind of activity! The nice people at the CCA arranged for me to interview some TSN people. I wasn't so nervous until they said I could interview the producer - yikes! Unfortunately I never did manage to catch up with the commentators, but I did have a nice chat with the producer (who was super friendly and not at all intimidating), then got a tour of the mobile truck (very cool, lots of lights and screens!), and talked to some very enthusiastic camera men.

TSN mobile truck

Vic, Linda and Russ doing what they do best!

After interviewing the TSN crew, the awesome CCA people who have let me hang out in their electrical room office and tag along with them all week and I went for dinner. Thank goodness I haven't had to eat two meals of arena food all week! The rest of the evening was spent writing my article while listening to the curling via the FM signal. Yes, I listen to the curling instead of watching it take place 30 feet away - I've been busy working! Well, if you can call loitering in the TSN mobile truck work. Don't get to do that every day!

The only thing that might put a damper on my fun for the final weekend is the weather. They're calling for snow snow snow and I've got a lot of highway to cover.

One weekend to go!