2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 6

Another day another dollar. Well, not really. I'm doing this for free. Best. Vacation. Ever.

My theme today was the HeartStop Lounge. I interviewed a few volunteers, including one of the pin traders (who may make an appearance in my article later this week). Near the pin trading table is the Hall of Fame. It was full of photos and trophies and equipment from the olden days.

The current Scotties Tournament of Hearts Trophy (1982-present, I think?)

MacDonald Lassies Championship Trophy (1972-1979). Kinda different, eh?

I wandered around for a bit, and found the most interesting thing to be the historic curling rocks...

The Rough Block - Used from about 1650-1800 - basically a stone they got from the stream or hillside, and then fixed some iron onto it for a handle. They weighed anywhere from 20-115 pounds!

Wooden Stone - Used as practice stones in North American until the late 19th century

Wooden Stone - Used as practice stones in North American until the late 19th century

Iron Stones - Used in Quebec and Eastern Ontario until the 1950s

No sign with a date, but this is probably what they used before the ones we use now. Shoulda put up a sign.

Later this morning I interviewed the people who organize the junior curlers who hold the placards, so I hung around and generally made a nuisance of myself before the game.

Following that I did a couple more interviews, went out for lunch again, typed up my article. Same as every day.

Great title, eh?! That was one of the other CCA people, who is, you know, a real journalist. It's so cheesy it's awesome!

I stuck around to watch the evening draw. There were a lot of important games on the ice - meaning that wins/loses decided tiebreakers and essentially who was in and who wasn't for the playoffs. There were some incredible shots and as promised turned out to be a great draw to watch. We were predicting tiebreakers, but in the end there ended up being none!

You know what that means? I get to sleep in on Friday!!