2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 5

It's mid week. I haven't done much this except drive and type and watch and I stay far away from late nights in the HeartStop Lounge, yet I am exhausted! Sit stand walk eat talk type watch repeat. Is it time for another massage yet?

Today was the day I was most nervous about, so I started it off slow and didn't rock up to the venue till about 10 am (seems to be a bit of a pattern for me this week). I pottered online for a bit, then headed up to the top of the stands to watch an end or two to keep awake. Who else was up there, just hanging out, watching some curling? Second from one of my favourite men's teams - Brent Laing from Ontario's Team Howard. I was all polite and respected his privacy and didn't interrupt him like a crazy fangirl at all. No, I'm serious. I haven't gotten any autographs or photos with curlers or anything this week. I'm totally ok blending in to the background, and just observing them in their natural habitat.

My curling watching solitude was interrupted by a summons to the media bench. Today my article is going to be about the view from the media bench. Two games went to extra ends, so my interviews were delayed, but no worries, I got to hang out on the media bench and watch the games from there. Today I talked to the chief umpire and chief statistician. The reason why I was so nervous? I got to interview Al Cameron. He's the curling reporter for the Calgary Herald - like, a real reporter, with real interviewing and writing skills. Intimidating!

Anyways, I had a nice chat with each of them and learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes on the media bench. I think I might've talked more off the record than on with Al! And despite the two errors that the CCA people editing my writing and I missed, I think the article turned out pretty well too...

I spent the afternoon typing up my article, with a break to go out for lunch. I left the building after the afternoon draw and bought a great winter jacket on sale at the mall for $200, down from $400! This vacation is starting to pay for itself!

I made it back in time for the evening draw and went high up to my favourite section in the centre. It's sometimes lonely watching by yourself, but I was listening to the commentary on my FM transmitter and chatting to the NWT/YK fans behind me, so it's all good. I left early, apparently missing a fire alarm and an extra end!