2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 4

Something new and exciting happens every day here in Red Deer! Bet you never heard that before.

I started my day with a 20 minute massage: the Alberta Institute of Massage Therapy is having their students do their practicum hours giving massages to volunteers and staff. Best. Idea. Ever. Other cities that host curling events take note - this is a wicked good idea.

Eventually I made it to the office, stopping on the way to do another volunteer interview for my Sunday article. I have no idea what I'm writing up tomorrow but I'm already working on Sunday. Ha!

Warm up - always interesting to watch what the pros are doing.

I spent the lunch hour hanging out on the concourse, scouting out and interviewing fans for today's article. I talked to a grandma and her granddaughter, the enthusiastic green wig crew and met the two loveliest ladies - the quilt woman and her friend. They warmed my heart - they were true fans that embodied what this sport is about. Read about it in my latest article:

My article didn't get posted until Wednesday. After I post the text and photos, my IT boss edits the format a bit and then it goes to the his boss, and then I think to someone else who edits all the articles, and then eventually it gets posted. I started to wonder if there was a problem with it or if they were firing me. Then I remember the CCA people are kinda busy with a gazillion other things for a gazillion events right now. It made it's way onto the web eventually.

For lunch, I tagged along with my CCA friends and tested out the VIP driving system. They have volunteer drivers on standby, so when curlers or staff need to go anywhere they just hop into a car and tell the driver where to take them and like magic, it happens. Service with a smile. Our driver was super nice. Just like me, he was taking a winter vacation to volunteer, and has done so many times before. Volunteers here are special - this guy took time off work to drive people around. Curling people are good people.

I spend the afternoon writing my article and blog, generally being a fly on the wall in the curling world. Interesting stuff I tell ya!

Again, I was able to take in most of the evening draw. Friends came down from Edmonton so it was super nice to have the company again! Another night in the books!


  1. I finally got a chance to visit you here. It's tough to be a curling fan when there are three draws per day. No time for other things! I am enjoying your CCA articles but I truly enjoy what you are writing here. Really. They should just post these blogs with your "Around the rink" insights and your pics! So much fun!


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