2012 Scotties Canadian Women's Curling Championship: Day 3

Today was another fun day!

The calm before the storm.

After last night's highway debacle, I wasn't in a big rush to drive out there again, so didn't get to the arena until about 10am. I spent a bit of time preparing some questions to ask volunteers for my daily article, and then spent a bit more time yapping to folks in the basement. Eventually I made it up the stairs to the concourse, and found a friend who had come down from Edmonton for a couple draws. After watching a bit of the morning draw, I finally got down to business!

Vic, Linda and Russ, the afternoon/evening TSN commentators.

Calling the game from their plexiglass booth.

Today's job was interviewing volunteers. First I headed to the volunteer lounge to see who was around. I lucked out and ended up talking to one super friendly lady for most of the hour! I also found out volunteers have access to a massage! Students from a local massage school program are putting in their practicum hours, so I signed up for a massage tomorrow (and probably will sign up again later this week...). Now that's service!

I spent the rest of the morning wandering around the arena, talking to various groups or individual volunteers about their jobs here this week, how they got on the volunteer team, what their favourite part of the week has been etc. It was great fun. This is the number one reason I keep coming back to volunteer - everyone is so friendly! Most of the volunteers I interviewed mentioned this as well. It's a great atmosphere - I love being able to just start a conversation with anyone! Too much fun.

I've learned one thing this week - I need to always carry my camera and notebook with me - does that mean I'm on my way to being a real journalist? What a life.

After I got a lot of material, I headed back to our basement office to write up my article, though spent most of the first part of the lunch break yapping to the CCA folks I've been working with. Eventually, after heading back upstairs for a quick lunch and to watch the afternoon draw's practice, I got down to business and wrote up my article. Midway through the draw I met some of my curling club people and watched a bit in the stands before finishing my latest masterpiece. Take a look:

It really was a fun post to do. I love chatting to people.

I finally left the building for dinner out with the ladies from my curling club. It was nice to see the sun. And breathe some fresh air. And eat some real food. With my article done, that meant I was free for the evening and I watched the evening draw with my friends.

At the Brier they stand around during the 5th end break. At the Scotties they picnic.

I left after the eighth end - you would not believe what a chore it is to get out of the parking lot! Five lanes merge into one exit, whoever designed this parking arrangement was an idiot. It take at least 20 minutes to get out of the lot right after a draw, so going home early will be on my to-do list all week.

So I've been driving back and forth and up and down on the highway for days now, but where do I almost hit a deer? Half a block away from the house where I'm staying in residential Innisfail! Crazy! There were three of them hanging out in peoples front yards in the cul de sac. That's small town life for you!