Volunteering for the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship: Epilogue

(Consider catching up on Part 1 and 2 first.)

My 2012 World Junior 50/50 volunteer gig has been over for a week. It certainly was hard going back to the real world afterwards! Luckily, there were still a couple #IWasThere moments to come...

Remember how I mentioned I had my photo taken in the fake locker room but it didn't get emailed to me? Well, it arrived the day after I posted that on my blog and here it is...

Ok, kinda neat actually. I'm not usually photogenic so it's a nice photo of me.

I also attended the volunteer appreciation party. We were supposed to all gather and cheer on our Canadian boys in the gold medal game. Well, that didn't happen - but I was proud of the team for getting the bronze and staging that comeback during the Russia semi anyways. Not having Canada in the final put a bit of a damper on the party though, and I almost didn't go. But, as I'd never attended a volunteer appreciation party like this before, and we were supposed to get a 'volunteer recognition gift', I figured I should make an appearance.

A friend and I arrived at the bar they were holding the party at a bit after puck drop - and there was no parking! I thought others might've skipped the party because Canada wasn't playing but I was wrong! The place was pretty packed, and most people did indeed wear their Canada gear.

First thing we did was get in the long line for the buffet. The food was a collection of appetizers representing all the countries in the competition. I can't quite remember what all was on offer, and it was all quite tasty, but by far the best thing was the pulled pork slider from Canada (really, that's a Canadian dish? whatever, it was yummy!). As a volunteer I also got a free drink, which I gave to my friend (who had to pay for her ticket).

After the first period, they drew numbers for door prizes, and a Don Cherry impersonator tried to entertain the crowd. I say 'tried' because most of the crowd really wasn't into his routine. At this point I picked up my 'volunteer recognition gift':

We received two branded granite coasters, a nice gift, maybe a bit unnecessary, but a nice thought anyways. I gave one to my hockey-loving friend and kept one for my kitchen. I think the "I Was There" marketing, and in fact the whole social media campaign of the event was a huge success. They really did a good job - I think people really got into it. Well done to the committees in charge of social media and marketing! Actually, well done to all the committees - they did a great job with the event in Edmonton! I read somewhere that Etown would probably get the event back in 2017 or 2019 so that's exciting - I know I'll be signing up to volunteer!

At this point in the evening we left to go down the block to the Boston Pizza to watch the Oilers lose, but kept an eye on the gold medal game also. Well done to Sweden for the win! We were certainly cheering for them so I'm glad they won. Apparently at the party they were going to do another two rounds of door prize draws, plus draw for a bit screen tv, a mountain bike and a jersey from each team. I gave my raffle tickets to a 50/50 volunteer who I saw on our way out. They were good prizes though - again, they did a good job organizing the party, even if it ended up being quite anticlimactic.

So that definitely wraps up my 50/50 volunteer experience at the World Juniors. It was all kinds of awesome. I would definitely volunteer for the event again. I done some looking into what other (non curling) sport events are coming to town soon, but unfortunately couldn't find anything. I know we're getting some FIFA Women's Soccer/Football games in 2015 so I'll try get on that committee. I have pretty good luck for a volunteer, so I'm sure something else will come up soon!

One last thing. Remember how I ran into that Canadian Curling Association employee and was expecting to "receive an email of great importance"? Well, I did. Looks like I'm on my way to being a director of some sort for the 2013 Brier to be held here in Edmonton. You have no idea how exciting this is for me...well, you will, because I'm going to blog all about it!

I strongly encourage you to volunteer for events or festivals or whatever. I totally love this type of volunteering (one off, short term). The people are awesome, the atmosphere is awesome, the whole experience is awesome. That's triple awesome - and I get to do it all again next month for the Scotties!!