#Curling on TV...or Not: Grand Slam

Scandal rocked the curling world last week.

Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but the news was actually schocking: CBC has dropped their coverage of the Grand Slam events.

What's shocking about this is that The Curling News had just broken a story about Sportsnet picking up coverage of the round robin games (CBC only ever did the quarter/semi/finals - hence my rants about coverage on BOLD). Yay! More curling on tv!

Who knew the bottom was about to fall out.

And then, with just a week until the next Grand Slam, The National, in Dawson Creek BC, CBC announced they were out. There's rumour about them not being paid. There's rumour Sportsnet is picking up everything. There's rumour there will be no coverage. There's rumour the circuit is in jeopardy. Rumour rumour rumour. The announcement can be found here, and Bob Weeks has a bit of a reflection here.

So is it on TV? Who knows. Latest news from Al Cameron's blog is possibly the weekend finals - but even that's a long shot.

The event is still going ahead, with or without TV coverage. It runs from January 25-29. Teams include: Bawel, Cotter, Edin, Fowler, Gushue, Howard, King, Koe, Laycock, Martin, McEwen, Petryk, Pierce, Rumfeldt, Schlender, Stoughton, Ulsrud, and Virtue. Some of those teams have travelled pretty far to get to the event - who knew they'd be flying into a huge snafu. What a shame, because they're good teams too and I was looking forward to watching some curling this weekend!

There are so many repercussions to CBC bowing out. The Slams affect points for other events such as the Olympic Trials. CBC leaving not only puts this practice into jeopardy, but certainly wont help grow the sport. Sure, there's tons of (fantastic) coverage on TSN, and maybe soon Sportsnet, but now folks can't watch curling unless they pay for an sports cable package. That makes me sad.

Anyways, I'm not enough in the know to make any sort of valid comment on this. Suffice to say it'll be an interesting week/end.

For now, looks like we're following linescores...