#Curling on TV: 2012 Continental Cup

More curling on tv this weekend! And it's one of the most fun events of the year...the Continental Cup of Curling!!

This year the ContCup is in BC from January 12-15, 2012. It's a North America vs World event with a points system for each win. There will be men/women/mixed games, doubles, singles, and skins. My favourite is actually the singles (hot shots), not because it's the most exciting event, but because it's completely different from what you normally see on tv and it's cool to see the pros make the tough shots! It's also fun to watch the mixed events to see the teams mix up and play with different team members. The whole event is one big ball of fun for the curlers and you can tell they are having a great time on (and off!) the ice.

I like this event extra because I volunteered last year and it was amazing from all angles!! Catch up on my adventure and photos from last year. Curling volunteering - the gift that keeps on giving.

Teams this year are:
North America: Holland, Lawton, Lank, Howard, Stoughton, Fenson
World: Wang, Muirhead, Norberg, Brewster, Ulsrud, Edin

TSN is covering the whole thing (yay!!) so be sure to tune in at some point!

TSN TV Schedule, Mountain time

Thursday Jan. 12
9:30am Women's Team
2:00pm Mixed Doubles
7:30pm Men's Team

Friday Jan. 13
9:30am Women's Team
2:00pm Mixed Doubles
8:00pm Men's Team

Saturday Jan. 14
10:00am 'A' Skins
2:30pm Singles
7:30pm 'B' Skins 

Sunday Jan. 15
11:30am Women's 'C' Skins
6:00pm Men's 'C' Skins

Times like this I wish I 'worked from home' (I'm actually home sick today and tomorrow but will be better by Thursday - and I don't get paid for sick days so can't afford to take anymore!). It's bound to be a fun event. Last year's was lopsided and North America steamrolled the world, but it was still a good time and I'm sure this year will be no different so be sure to tune in or go watch if you're in the area.

Oh the memories...