#Curling on TV: 2012 TSN Skins Game

Happy 2012 everyone! Let's start of the year with some curling on tv!

It's TSN Skins Game time. The line up is stellar, anyone could take it but I reckon Martin is probably the favourite (he's the defending champ, and has won it a bunch of times already). Skins play is a bit different (and I'll admit I'm not really a huge fan) so make sure you read the rules before you watch:

- Points/skin for each end goes up progressively as the game goes on.
- To win the points/skins, the team with the hammer has to score 2 OR the team without the hammer has to steal.
- If the team with the hammer only scores 1, or the end is blanked, the points/skins are carried over and added to the next end's points/skins.

Points can accumulate, and big ends for tons of points only add to the excitement!

So if you live in MT time zone like me you should check out the Battle of Edmonton at 11am on Saturday, then the Battle of Last Year's Brier at 6pm Saturday and finally the final for all the cash at 11am on Sunday!


  1. I'll be there, trying to live-tweet it for as long as the battery in my phone lasts (since I'll also be using it to listen to TSN's in-house audio simulcast at the same time.)

  2. Fun! Can't wait for those tweets!

    (Also I'm kinda jealous, this would be a cool event to see one day, and those four teams are my fav 4. Take some photos for me...)


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