#Curling on TV: Canadian Open

There's more curling on tv this weekend! It's time for the Grand Slam of Curling BDO Canadian Open.
It's on from December 14-18 in Kingston, Ontario. 

Teams include: Brewster, Cotter, Edin, Epping, Ferbey, Fowler, Gushue, Howard, Jacobs, Kean, Koe, Laycock, Martin, Matchett, McEwen, Menard, Schlender, and Stoughton.

This is the point in my post where I remark how stellar the line up is and then lament that I can't be there due to some sort of location/work excuse but that one of these days I'll finally make it out to a slam event. Yeah. 

The Grand Slam folks previously reported they were going to start live streaming online as soon as they got the tech side of it all work out. No news on that yet, but it's a CBC event so the final 3 games will be on the tube/net.  

Here's the schedule in Mountain Time (as usual because that's where I live!):

Saturday Dec. 17: Quarter Finals - 12pm

Saturday Dec. 17: Semi Finals - 5pm
CBC Bold 
(This is the point in my post where I annoyingly mention I don't have Bold but will bring snacks if you do. Last time I ended up watching with two of my favourite ladies and I brought puffed wheat squares. This time, well I'll keep you posted...)

Sunday Dec.18: Final - 11am

Until the weekend arrives, I'll be watching the scoreboard and following along on Twitter.

Who am I picking to win? Again, hard to say. Edin and Martin are coming off good events. I usually lean towards Howard though. Follow along to find out!