#Curling on TV - First of the Season! World Cup!

It's finally time to watch curling on TV!!

These days you can often watch early season events via a variety of live streaming sites - but curling on TV season really starts when CBC and TSN start broadcasting the slams and the national events.

It runs from November 2-6, and is taking place this year in Sault Ste Marie. 

Teams include: Balsdon, Cotter, Edin, Epping, Ferbey, Fowler, Gushue, Howard, Jacobs, Kean, Koe, Laycock, Martin, Matchett, McEwen, Schlender, Stoughton and Ulsrud.

Wow. Quite a field! Wish I was there to see it live! I really really really want to get out to watch a slam one of these days. This year there are none local-ish, but maybe next fall. I really really really need to take some time off work in advance next fall or even this spring to see a slam!

All the slams are CBC events, and while the whole competition isn't on tv, the finals on the weekend are. The Grand Slam folks reported on facebook that they are planning on live streaming games online (like the European events and the Cactus Pheasant Classic) - but they wont have the technology ready for this event. I'm looking forward to that in the future though (and hope it's free!). Until then we'll have to watch the scoreboard - it's a bit easier to do that at work anyways.

For now, the only place to watch this event is CBC. Here's the schedule in Mountain Time (as usual because that's where I live!):

Saturday Nov. 5: Quarter Finals - 10am

Saturday Nov. 5: Semi Finals - 5pm
CBC Bold 
(Gah! I hate when they put them on Bold - I don't get that channel. That's Hockey Night in Canada for you - Oilers are on at 8pm by the way, so it's not my fault. Who has Bold? I'll bring snacks...)

Sunday Nov. 6: Final - 11am

Who am I picking to win? Tough call, could be anyone's game but McEwen is on a roll. You have no idea how excited I am to finally watch some curling on TV!! 


  1. You have bold AND you want to watch curling Saturday night with your second daughter?

  2. I haven't got Bold, and I have no way of getting Bold. :( There's not an Internet stream, either.

  3. I think they'll have the internet stream up for the next slam event. Until then - is it too late to plan a trip north for the weekend?


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