How They Make #Curling Ice

This will be my fifth season of curling. I bought new shoes because my old ones were coming unglued, a new broom because my old one was cracked, and a new pair of gloves because my old ones were ripping. So that's it, I'm all sorted for equipment.


There is of course all the "equipment" my local curling club provides. Concession. Lounge. Rocks. Ice.

That's right, the most important piece of it all - the ice. What would curling be without it?! (And don't say shuffle board, there ain't no bending or sweeping in that. I don't think...)

@1CathyC, my curling club's manager, tweeted a couple photos of the club's ice making preseason process. I started posting them to the club's facebook page and it turned into a neat album: Ice Making - September 2011.

It was interesting. I learned stuff. Did you know the lines are actually yarn frozen into the ice? Who knew?

Last week, the Canadian Curling Association posted a 20 minute video detailing how they make championship arena curling ice. My eyes were glued to the computer screen - it was so interesting!

Very much like the club process: I knew it was a lot of work, but I had no idea it was that much work. Again - yarn!

Let's not forget ice makers are rockstars too!