#Curling Book Reviews

As the curling librarian, I think it's time I brought a little more librarian to this here corner of the internet! So what does that mean?

I'm going to start doing curling book reviews!!

I'm going to pick a different curling related book each month during this curling season. I'll write up a bit about the author and the contents of the book, then give my impressions and recommendations (or not).

I plan on getting most of the books out of the public library, but I do own a few myself (and I'll let you know if I own the book or not, as that might say something about it's worth as well). I'll even take recommendations in the comments section. There's quite a few curling books out there, so if this whole concept goes over well, I might have to double up each month, or save some for next season.

I hope you enjoy reading along with me - be sure to check out the books at your local library or favourite bookstore!

List of Curling Books Reviewed*

1. Curling For Dummies by Bob Weeks (October 2011)
2. Open House by Scott Russell (November 2011)
3. Between the Sheets by Guy Sholz and Cheryl Bernard (December 2011)
4. The Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon by W.O. Mitchell (January 2012)
5. ? (February)
6. ? (March)
7. ? (April)

*Curling book titles are so super awesome cheesy - what would you name your curling book?


  1. My pulp novel about the Team Holland Detective Agency is tentatively titled "On the Rocks."

    I would like to see a review of "The Adventures of Trefor the Curling Stone" and "Abby and the Curling Chicks."

  2. I've heard of those books before - I would love to review them! I'll have to track down copies...

    1. Hey Lisa,
      Just found your blog and read this post about reviewing books. I wrote "Abby and the Curling Chicks" and would be happy to give you a copy. I think our paths may cross this season on the CCA trail, so I'll make sure I have a copy with me. Moose Jaw, maybe?
      Great blog!
      (also, www.grassrootscurling.blogspot.com and @grassrootscurl)

    2. Great Jean - I'd love to review your book! We'll catch up down the road before too long I suspect!

  3. My curling book is titled Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks and it will be in print in December. /ad

    And I've read those two works of fiction... Trefor is easy to get, but I had to mail the author of Abby a check to get that one. (Had to figure out how to put it in an envelope and put proper postage on it and everything! :)

  4. Andy, is your book fiction?

  5. I could have sworn I answered that question... But, yes it is. And it's on Amazon now too.

    If you want a review copy, send me an email. :)


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