#Curling Book Review: Curling For Dummies

Time for my first curling book review! October's book is...

Curling For Dummies
By Bob Weeks
2006 (updated version of the 2001 ed.)
384 pages

"Win or lose, I've rarely left a curling club without a smile on my face."
(p. 12)

Bob Weeks is pretty darn qualified to write about curling. He curls, is a prolific curling writer of books (four by my count) and newspaper articles (for the Globe and Mail) and most recently appeared on TSN last season during curling broadcasts with his insiders "The Weeks Report" (which I hope becomes a regular feature). Like any good journalist these days, he blogs at Bob Weeks on Curling and tweets @bwoncurling. So he knows curling.

Like all Dummies books, this book is a beginner's guide to curling, though it's also a useful refresher for experienced club level curlers. It includes information, tips and advice for all things curling including:
  • history
  • equipment
  • ice
  • terminology
  • technique
  • strategy
  • practice
  • kids
  • coaching
  • fandom
  • events
The book even concludes with some Top Tens: skips, shots, games, and sources of information. Again, like all Dummies books it's full of cartoons, diagrams, photos, lists, highlight boxes, icons, fancy fonts for headings, and a healthy dose of humour...yeah you know the drill.

I liked this book. It's written to be easily understood by everyone, and does present the basics of curling in a fun way. There's a lot to learn in the 384 pages, and Bob Weeks does a great job breaking the information down in detailed but not overwhelming chapters. The personable writing and humour is much appreciated and gives the book a light hearted and fun vibe - exactly what club curling is about. 

The only downfall of this book - parts of it is outdated. Though a lot of the information is still relevant, obviously the Top Ten section is five years behind. And it could do with updates on some of the new science of curling findings (like should I buy a fancy new broom or just put tin foil on my broom head?). This isn't really a fault of the book though, these things happen.

I recommend "Curling For Dummies" to newbie curlers, or experienced curlers like me who need a refresher every once in awhile. This book isn't in my library (yet) but I most definitely would buy an updated version - I wonder if there will be another new edition reprint soon?