Music Monday: Kaleido Festival + Delhi 2 Dublin 2011

Last year I attended the Kaleido Family Arts Festival here in Edmonton specifically to see Delhi 2 Dublin. All the music was fantastic and it was a great night.

So I did it all again this past Saturday.

Kaleido is one of my favourite festivals. I'll admit I've only attended the main stage concerts, but I know there's more to it than that: art, theatre, and family fun. The best thing about Kaleido is it's about family, community, and good clean fun. In that respect it's quite unpretentious and I love that. It's for everyone, come as you are, have fun, leave happy. I hope that doesn't change as the festival grows.

Much to my surprise, Delhi 2 Dublin was headlining again this year! They had just played folk fest and it was awesome so I was really really looking forward to seeing them again at Kaleido.

As usual all the (mostly local) musicians were (mostly) fantastic and it turned out to be a wonder dancing-fool evening full of great tunes and excellent company. Take a look at the highlights:

Joel Lavoie - Francophone singer songwriter. I quite enjoyed his short set and would gladly see him live again.

The Secretaries - rockin' indie including Colleen Brown and Brassholes. It took me awhile to warm up to them, but in the end they were quite enjoyable. Just watching the brass guys do backup dancing was entertaining enough!

Cam Neufeld and Bali Panasar - celtic fusiony something or other. I enjoyed the music, but have no use for Vibe Tribe and their fire dancing.

Namori - jazzy drums. Their sound was different than what I thought and in the end quite repetitive.

Kita No Taiko - taiko drummers. They're always at Heritage Days too and I always enjoy their set. Unfortunately they weren't on the stage so were hard to see, but still put on a good show.

Delhi 2 Dublin - bhangra celtic dance party! They had the large crowd all on their feet dancing. What a good time! I always love letting out my hidden dancing fool!

Here's a sample of Delhi 2 Dublin's concert:

Kinda sad I couldn't figure out how to zoom in on my iphone video mode, but I'm quite happy at how the audio came out. And though you can't really see the band, it's quite fun to watch the crowd. We had so much fun.

I'm already looking forward to Kaleido next year. I hope Delhi 2 Dublin headlines again, but if not I'm sure it'll still be a fantastic night!