#Curling Team Shake Up

Often considered the first event of the curling season, The Shoot-Out started today at the Saville Centre here in Edmonton. I might try take in a game Saturday or Sunday, but if I do I'll be seeing a few new faces, and a few new teams because over the summer there was quite the curling team shake up!

Here's a recap:

  • Mark Nichols left team Gushue (to become a PC candidate). Team Gushue now consists of Brad back at skip (no more Ferbey!), Ryan Fry at third. Geoff Walker (from AB) at second and Adam Casey (from PEI) at lead. It'll be interesting to see what happens for NFLD playdowns.
  • Blake McDonald left team Koe. Pat Simmons is in at third. Again, we'll see what happens for AB playdowns.
  • Richard Hart retired, and Wayne Middaugh will replace him on team Howard.
  • Ferbey has a new team. Nedohin is back at 3rd, and Ted Appelman and Brendan Melnyk round out the team.
  • Jill Officer is pregnant!! She'll be taking some time off while Jennifer Clark-Roure and Joelle Sabourin fill in.
  • Cheryl Bernard has a new(ish) team. She'll be curling with Susan O'Connor, Lori Olson-Johns and Jennifer Sadler.
  • Jason Gunnlaugson is back! And Ferbey is NOT going to Russia as a coach.
  • Annie Lemay retired. I'm not sure what's up with team Larouche. There was something about Eve Belisle too, but I can't remember nor can I find the source.
  • Pierre Charette is joining team Reid.
  • Cathy O, Braden Moskowy, Steve Laycock and John Epping all have new teams, as does my favourite accent, David Murdoch from Scotland (which includes Eve Muirhead's brother and some very tight shirts!).

What/who did I miss? Did I get anything wrong? And why don't I ever hear about what's going on with the BC teams??

I also went through a curling team shake up. Team Sunday (open, me and 3 older guys) disbanded as our 3rd/skip went up to a competitive league, and our 2nd (who I'd curled with for awhile and quite enjoyed chatting to) moved to Calgary. I was on the club board, but since I lost my team and moved farther away, I resigned.

So I'm only at one club now, Jasper Place Curling Club (I'll be updating the website and Facebook page too!). My Team Tuesday (mixed) is getting back together - which I'm excited about because I enjoyed curling with and getting to know them better. It was always fun times.

And I'll be on a new team - Team Wednesday! And this will be my first time (except I spared one game last year) to ever play in a ladies league. I'm actually a bit scared. They use stop watches (which I kinda don't believe in) and I think I'm getting promoted to second (Yikes! There are reasons I always play lead!). But I'm excited about curling with my teammates and am probably most looking forward to joining this team and learning how to improve my game.

I'm also considering sparing for some Team Sundays. I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to spare, but it might be fun once in awhile.

Lot's of news - now let's start curling!!


  1. You should be afraid. Very, very afraid. I've met your skip. She's a ....

  2. ...great teacher who is going to help me not suck at curling?


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