Music Monday: Who I'm Stalking at Folk Fest

It's my favourite time of year again - 3 days until the Edmonton Folk Music Festival!

This is my tenth year. And I'm just as excited as I was back in the day.

So. Who am I stalking this year?

De Temps Antan: Of course. I always stalk the Quebecois bands. This year's is a gooder (and not just because two of the guys are brothers of two of the guys in my favourite Quebecois folk band, Le Vent du Nord). Each Quebecois band has a particular quality to their music, and this band is quite peppy and fun. I'm really looking forward to hearing them (often).

Longer, live video - watch/listen to it, that's 15mins well spent!

Delhi 2 Dublin: I saw this band back in September and they were awesome! Think Bollywood meets Ceilidh meets Techno dance pary. I can't wait to dance, especially to Tommy (see the music video below)!

Longer, live video - watch/listen to it, that's 22 mins well spent! Or check out their newest music video called Tommy - it's one of my favourite songs:

I'm also looking forward to seeing: Baka Beyond, Amelia Curran, The Deep Dark Woods, Etran Finatawa, Mary Gauthier, Gough, Clancy, Bracken & McCarthy, Kila, kd lang, Lyle Lovett, The McDades, and The Once. Check out the full performers list, and the schedule. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!

Due to the trouble we had getting tickets, I fear this might be my last year for awhile. It's great the festival is growing and new people are discovering its awesomeness, but if that means diehards can't get tickets, well, next year we might have to try out Canmore instead (sniff, sad, cry, fingers crossed).

Until then though, I will thoroughly enjoy my tenth festival. Bring it on!


  1. I must heartily recommend you see The Gipsy Kings. Really fun show!

  2. They're playing main stage Thursday so I will definitely see them!


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