Balcony Garden: Inside Edition

I have a new addiction: buying houseplants.

I have been enjoying my balcony garden a ton. Now that I own a condo, I really wanted to get some house plants to make the place cosy and green. Apparently I'm nesting.

Remember, I don't have a green thumb. In the past I've killed every spider plant (undestructable, yeah right, though a colleague is currently propagating me one) I've ever owned. The only plant I've had is various sticks of bamboo (one of which is currently dying in my windowless office).

So what house plants have I acquired? Take a look at my current roommates:

Dracaena marginata (dragon tree): the first tree I bought. Apparently it's toxic to cats but Molly leaves it mostly alone, now that I've put sticky tape on top of the soil. It's one of the plants listed on the NASA Clean Air Study list.

Golden Pothos (devil's ivy): This is also toxic to Molly, but looks like it's growing happily on top of my bookshelf, and is starting to trail over the side nicely. This is also on the clean air list.

Orchid: It's still blooming beautifully, though I have lost a flower and two more have started drooping. I hope it reblooms and doesn't die, because it's my favourite.

Peperomia: Fits nicely in the spot where my Galileo Thermometer used to be. Molly broke it trying to get to the Jasmine (see below).

Jasmine: It blooms on occasion, and then my living room smells nice. 

Areca Palm: Another plant that's supposed to be good for the air, plus it's not toxic so Molly wont die if she nibbles when she's not supposed to. I think it makes the condo look cosy.

Peperomia: Another one, with different leaves.

Exacum persian violet: This was a cute plant with nice smelling purple flowers, but a couple days after I took this picture it started dying. I think it's too wet (my fauly) but my mom said she could never keep violets alive (so it's my genes fauly). I don't expect it'll last out the week. Which means I have another empty pot and get to go buy more plants!

Echeveria: I think this plant is just so cute!! Like a flower made of leaves.

My balcony garden is doing well too. The swiss chard and zucchini continue to multiply faster than I can eat them! The beans blossomed but it's unlikely I'll get any beans because the leaves are small and not overly healthy. The peppermint has exploded - I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. 

Blueberries: They're trying to multiply, but I'll get a hand full at most.

Strawberries: Finally! I'll probably only get a couple hand fulls, and the leaves are dying. I wont waste my time with strawberries next year.

So all in all things are going well. I've only lost one house plant and nothing really from my garden. This is proving to be a nice experiment!