Balcony Garden: One Month Old

My balcony garden is about one month old and almost everything is still growing. The spider plant was mostly dead and then Molly yanked it out of the pot so that's the end of that. One of my four basil stems died, but the others seem to be doing much better now after I moved them into the full sun side of the balcony.

All the flowers are open on my orchid. Pretty. I hope it lasts forever.

The swiss chard is flourishing. I've cooked with it a couple times and it tastes great - how come I only discovered this vegetable this summer??

My first strawberry! And there's plenty of flowers on the plants, so I should definitely get a couple handfulls this summer, unless Molly beats me to it.

The beans are starting to shoot up and snake along the balcony. Molly likes the spinach more than I do. I should probably pull it in the next few weeks to give the beans more room. Lesson learned: don't crowd the pot.

Here's the problem with the beans - I think they are getting sunburned. Unfortunately this is the only spot I can put the pot that will give it enough room to grow around the balcony rungs, unless I swap it with the blueberry (but I'd rather have sunburned beans than a dead blueberry bush). I might rethink this before the runners get too tall...

Coming soon: zucchini!!

Um, so no one told me zucchini plants would get THAT big. 

Seriously, the leaves are huge. If it gets much bigger it's going to take over the balcony! I guess I wont be putting a chair out there.


  1. Re: beans

    I'd check with might not be "sunburn" it might be leaf miner (sp?). I suppose you could take a leaf into a nursery/garden center to find out.

  2. Hmm, it doesn't look like leaf miner (so says Google images) but now I'm thinking the pot isn't deep enough and they don't have access to enough soil. Again my bad for crowding the pot (and likely not filling it with enough soil!).

  3. Wow, your garden is doing great. Our zucchini didn't come up at idea why. The chard looks great too.


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