Big Changes #2 - Crazy Cat Lady

I'm a cat person. Sometimes those librarian stereotypes are true. A cat is the perfect accessory to the current spinster image I've got going on.

I grew up with a beautiful cat named Muffy who loved me and my family but hated everyone else. She was a pretty great cat, who slept at the end of my bed and stuck with me during those awkward teenage years. Unfortunately I had to get on with my life, and she died while I was away in the UK during the London years.

While I was in London, my flatmate decided to get us (me) a cat (mostly I think so I'd stick around another year to make her life miserable). We got Fergus, who had FIV (like HIV for cats), but who was so full of love. He was the perfect companion cat and I actually did some research to see what it would take to bring him back to Canada when I returned. However, being an FIV cat he did get sick and went downhill pretty fast, and he died a couple weeks before I flew home for good.

So ever since I can remember I had a cat - until recently. These past four years while I was going to school and searching for my dream library job I've been catless. I picked up quite a pet sitting reputation so I on occasion would look after other people's cats, but I knew as soon as I finally got my own place I would need to get a purring roommate.

One rainy day a week or so ago, I went to the Edmonton Humane Society. I'd never been there before and the new building is stunning! Many of the cats are kept in viewing rooms that you can walk right into to visit/play with the different kitties. Some cats and the kittens are still kept in cages, but you can take them out to hold them. There are also plenty of volunteers around to answer questions.

The first volunteer I stopped to ask a question happened to be the foster mom of the particular cat I had wanted! She (the volunteer) was super friendly and lovely, and told me a bit about that cute little grey and white cat with the big eyes, which confirmed my choice. Approximately 5 minutes after I walked in the door I had picked out my new roommate! It took another hour or so to go through the adoption process (video, interview, pay, exit medical, take cat home) before I left with a cat in a box.

Meet my new best friend, Molly!

She took no time at all to settle in and has so far been cuddly and loving and well behaved (mostly, we are having a bit of a litter box issue, but nothing that wont be fixed, at some point, hopefully...also how do you get a cat to stop jumping on the kitchen counter/table?). She's the most perfect addition to my new place. So here I am, sitting on my awesome blue couch in my new condo with world's cutest snuggle muffin purring away on my lap. Does life get any better?