Balcony Garden: Two Weeks In & Not Dead Yet

I wasn't going to bore you by posting ad nauseam about my balcony garden but ohmygoodnesstuffisgrowing!

Yeah, I'm kinda excited the only thing I've killed so far appears to be the poor spider plant. This continues the trend of the demise of spider plants in my possession - I just can't keep those (normally idiot proof) plants alive! The orchid (a nortoriously difficult plant to grow) is growing just fine though and has two new flowers.

I am resisting the urge to drive to Home Depot to buy more. They are so pretty. Yes, I think I need more orchids!

The strawberries are growing more leaves but no more blossoms and I don't have baby strawberries yet. There appears to be no change to my blueberry bush but at least it's not dead yet. I'm going to be very impatient about the berries.

The swiss chard has grown a bit so I didn't kill it by repotting afterall. And my zucchini plant wasn't broken and didn't die - in fact it grew big new leaves!

Is it weird the new leaves look nothing like the old leaves? Should I be worried?

Mostly surprisingly is that my seeds actually grew. The beans shot up over about 4 days which worries me: I reckon they're going to take over the balcony railing which may/may not annoy the condo board manager (technically they own the balcony) and may/may not annoy the guy who has to fix my balcony later this summer (oops). The spinach is growing too, but it certainly doesn't look like spinach.

Not a waste of soil afterall. I hope nothing gets crowded out.

I got the most beautiful purple flowers from the most generous Grammy ever, and the other flower pot is growing nicely. Who knew I'd enjoy growing (useless) flowers?!

I wish I knew what kind they are... (*Update: they are African Daisys, also called Osteospermum)

The cat grass grew quickly, and Molly loves it. She's not a nibbler though, instead she pulls the entire shoot out of the pot, root and all, and eats it or drops it by the pot to shrivel. The pot is a mess, but once she's done with the current lot I'll just plant some more.


I really like the look of the green grass inside, and plan on getting more green house plants. I wonder if I should just grow grasses indoors; they're easy enough!


  1. lisa.

    the purple flowers are gerbers.

    iceless in olympia.

  2. I asked my botanist friend and then found the exact name on Wikipedia - it's an African Daisy (also called Osteopermum). Tricky name, beautiful flower!

  3. That is a cute picture of Molly! And huzza for balcony gardening. I've always found in the past that beans/peas shoot up really quickly.


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