#Curling Season Wrap Up

As I sit in "my office" at the Jasper Place Curling Club, watching the Kevin Martin Junior Bonspiel, it seems like an appropriate setting to wrap up a few thoughts about this past curling season. And wow, was it ever an awesome curling season!

Curling on the Continental Cup official ice with official rocks!

The tied-for-awesomest-curling-good-times award goes to volunteering at the Continental Cup and at the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships. Though two very different events, they were both super good fun! I met wonderful people and watched fantastic curling (when I wasn't working my butt off in the Servus Centre Arena or 'my office'). I was shocked to find out my blog/twitter rambling was being read by the powers-that-be.  It was great meeting/working with the folks from the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) at both events, and I'm excited to work with them again next season. Another product of twitter, I also really enjoyed being on the Wheelies committee, and the event was probably one of the most special weeks of my life.

I met/talked to a bunch of 'famous' curlers and curling commentators at the Continental Cup. I even hung out with 'famous' curlers parents: Mrs. Nixon at the Continental Cup and Mr. and Mrs. Martin just today at the Kevin Martin Junior Spiel. I also met/made friends with a bunch of awesome people at the Jasper Place Curling Club, which I joined half way through the season. This was capped off by a fun times double league, and likely I-can't-believe-there's-no-curling withdrawal next week.

Meeting Kevin Martin during the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships

On the club curling front, I started curling twice a week and got voluntold to be on a club Board (which is actually quite interesting). I got some coaching to fix one aspect of my delivery, and even though I'm still very inconsistent, I actually feel like I'm making some shots (not many, but some, an improvement for sure). I definitely understand the game more and find it easier to call the line/weight while sweeping, so what I lack in delivery I definitely make up for in wicked sweeping skill! I've made some great new friends at both clubs, and will likely be back curling with both teams next year.

What about the 2011-2012 curling season?

On the pro-side, I'm definitely going to watch the last few days of the Alberta Men's Provincial Finals in Camrose. And I'm definitely volunteering at the Scotties (Canadian Women's Curling Championship) in Red Deer, assumably tagging along with the CCA webteam again. That means I have less than a year to befriend someone with a spare room/couch in Red Deer! I might try make it out to the last few days of the Brier (Canadian Men's Curling Championship) in Saskatoon too, but that depends on how well Red Deer works out and if I can get time off work. Ditto for the Women's Worlds in Lethbridge. I'd like to try get to one of the Grand Slam events, but I think I might be out of luck location wise.

Trying out wheelchair curling with some help from the Wheelies curlers

Club curlingwise, one club is getting some sort of Dominion Playdowns so I'll see if I can volunteer for that. I'm definitely going to try take some pre-season lessons at Jasper Place too. Oh, and I won the JPCC 2011 Brier pool so that means I'm going to be a super awesome curler after I buy fancy new curling shoes! There's a slight possibility I'll be playing three times a week next season - which means I'm never going to find a husband but since I've got the spinster-cat-lady-librarian thing going on it makes me no nevermind. I'd rather just curl, thank you very much.

And I'll keep up the curling posts on this blog too. Though this is the last curling post for awhile, I'll be posting throughout the summer, likely Edmonton event type stuff or more pictures from future photo walks. I might even resurrect Music Monday!

So take care and keep in touch over the summer, otherwise I'll be back for some good curling in the fall!