#Curling on TV: Player's Championship

Well folks, it's time for the last curling-on-tv event of the season!

The last Grand Slam of Curling event will take place in Grande Prairie, Alberta from April 12 to 17.

Men's teams include: Bawel, Camm, Edin, Epping, Fowler, Howard, Jacobs, Koe, Martin, McEwen, Moskowy, Petryk, Schlender, Simmons, Stoughton, and Virtue.

Women's team include: Bernard, Carey, Hasselborg, Homan, Jones, Kaufman, Kleibrink, Lawton, McCarville, Middaugh, Muirhead, Nedohin, Ott, Overton-Clapham, Owen, and Viktorsson.

Wow. Quite a field. And it breaks my heart because it's in my province (albeit 5hrs away) and I had an opportunity to go - an opportunity I had to pass up for a number of personal/professional reasons (some of which have since been cancelled which makes me more sad). It sure would be fun to go watch and maybe meet some of those awesome teams! Plus this will be the last time (I assume) team Koe plays together with Blake MacDonald at third! Same goes for team Simmons (who will be joining team Koe next season), team Bernard and possibly other teams who will be retiring, shuffling, golfing instead. One of these day's I'll get to a Grand Slam. Hopefully.

Fortunately, CBC will be showing a few games on the weekend. Here's the schedule in Mountain time:

Saturday, April 16
Women's final: 1:30pm (CBC, cbcsports.ca)
Men's semi final: 8:30pm (cbcsports.ca, BOLD)

Sunday, April 17
Men's final: 9:30am (CBC, cbcsports.ca)

I do believe you can order the game package if you live outside of Canada, and I tried to find the link but I couldn't. Check out the #GPPC hashtag on twitter during the event for details.

Last event of the season! Enjoy the curling while it lasts!