Photo Walk: Rossdale/Riverdale Trail

A few weeks ago, my photographer friend and I went for another photo walk (see photos from our walk around the Alberta Legislature in December). This time we walked down to the Rossdale Generating Station, along the North Saskatchewan River, and up through Riverdale to downtown Edmonton again.

Like last time, he gave me a lot of tips, most of which I again promptly forgot, but I think I remember a few things so it was a semi-win on his part. It was also really nice to get out of the office, chat with a friend, and get some exercise. Unfortunately it was quite an overcast day, but I got a few good (and many quite average) shots.

This part of the plant was shut down in 2009. Obviously.

Walterdale Bridge

As close as I'll get to that whole black-&-white-one-colour effect. All natural.

Building art downtown.

I hope we're making these photo walks a semi-regular event. Field trips are always fun!