Photo Walk: Craigavon Path

For the past two winters, I've been wintering at my aunt and uncle's house while they winter in Arizona. This year has been tough, as there's been an unreasonable amount of snow to heave off their driveway, but I've managed. I'm moving out next weekend, which makes me sad because their tv is massive, comes with HD sports channels with a pvr, and the internet is wireless. Hopefully it wont be too long before I have those important luxuries in my own condo.

On Sunday, as I sat in my (uncle's) chair watching the Brier bronze medal game while flipping back to the Oilers game, I got this overwhelming feeling that I should go outside. What a novel concept! The sky was a beautiful Alberta blue, it was warm out, and it occurred to me that it would be the last time I would get to enjoy the path near their house before I moved home. So during the 5th end break, when the Oilers were losing bad, I grabbed my camera and went for a walk.

Last snow of the winter I think. Let the melt begin!

I love Alberta sky.

You probably can't see, but there were about 30 singing birds at the tops of those trees. Magic.

The path is tucked in behind the houses. It's like being in another world. 

What a beautiful blue.

Home time.

Lately, I've been getting really annoyed when people complain about Alberta, and specifically Edmonton. Yes, our winter's are brutal, and often the summer's are less than fantastic. Yes, it perhaps is not the most exciting city to live in. Yes, the government is nutty and the oil people are destroying the north of the province. Yes, the hockey team is last in the league - but darn it! Look at that sky! I lived elsewhere for awhile, in an exciting city with nice weather, and I can honestly say: Edmonton the most wonderful city to live in. If you disagree, move somewhere else. I guarantee you'll miss that sky.