#Curling on TV: Women's World's

The Women's World Curling Championship runs March 19-27 in Esbjerg, Denmark. Check out the official website for all the info.

Teams include:
Canada: Amber Holland
China: Bingyu Wang
Czech Republic: Anna Kubeśkova
Denmark: Lene Nielsen
Germany: Andrea Schöpp
Korea: Ji-Sun Kim
Norway: Linn Githmark
Russia: Liudmila Privivkova
Scotland: Anna Sloan
Sweden: Anette Norberg
Switzerland: Mirjam Ott
USA: Patti Lank

TV and Web coverage details are available here. TSN will be showing the following games (MTN time as always):

Mar 19 - 2:00am (CHN)
Mar 21 - 2:00am (SCO)
Mar 22 - 12:00pm (USA)
Mar 23 - 7:00am (SUI)
Mar 24 - 7:00am (GER)
Mar 25 - 12:00pm (PPG)
Mar 26 - 3:00am (PPG) - 8:00am (SF)
Mar 27 - 7:00am (CF)

I'm not sure why they're only showing some of the games, and there's quite a time change but I'm sure we'll take what we can get here in Canada. Set your PVR/VCR!

I wont be able to watch any of it as I'll be working at the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships. And I'll of course pick Canada for the win!