#Curling on TV: Men's Worlds

Time for the last big international competition of the season: the Ford World Men's Curling Championship!

The event runs from Saturday April 2 to Sunday April 10. Unlike the last world womens which was in Denmark, the world mens is in Canada this year, one time zone over so I might get to watch some of the games! Bring on the live tweeting! I'm a bit sad I can't be there because it is only one province over, but I think I've had enough curling excitement for one season!

Teams are:
Canada: Jeff Stoughton
China: Luan Chen
Czech Republic: Jiri Snitil
Denmark: Tommy  Stjerne
Germany: Andy Kapp
France: Thomas Dufour
Korea: DongKeun Lee
Norway: Thomas Ulsrud
Scotland: Tom Brewster
Sweden: Niklas Edin
Switzerland: Christof Schwaller
USA: Pete Fenson

Some new names, some familiar names. I wonder if The Pants will make an appearance?

Check out the draw schedule and the TSN tv schedule. All the Canada games will be shown and here's the schedule in MT time:

Sat. Apr 2 - 1:30pm (SUI) - 7:00pm (DEN)
Sun. Apr 3 - 1:00pm (GER)
Mon. Apr 4 - 8:30am (KOR) - 7:30pm (USA)
Tues. Apr 5 - 1:30pm (FRA) - 7:30pm (SCO)
Weds. Apr 6 - 8:30am (CZE) - 1:30pm (SWE)
Thurs. Apr 7 - 8:30am (CHN) - 7:30pm (NOR)
Fri. Apr 8 - 7:30pm (PPG)
Sat. Apr 9 - 12:30pm (PPG) - 5:00pm (SF)
Sun. Apr 10 - 5:00pm (F)

PPG stands for page playoff game, yes? The big game will be Thursday night vs Norway I reckon. I'm picking a Stoughton/Ulsrud for the final.