#Curling on TV: Brier Time!!

It's time for my most favourite curling event of the year!!

From March 5-13, the 'best' men's curling teams in Canada will play it out at the Brier to crown the king of Canadian men's curling. Ok, maybe it's not quite that majestic, but the winner gets bragging rights and a trip to the Worlds, and hey, that's a pretty big deal. 

Teams this year are:
B.C. - Jim Cotter
Yukon/NWT - Jamie Koe
Alberta - Kevin Martin
Saskatchewan - Pat Simmons
Manitoba - Jeff Stoughton
Northern Ontario - Brad Jacobs
Ontario - Glenn Howard
Quebec - Francois Gagne
Nova Scotia - Shawn Adams
New Brunswick - James Grattan
P.E.I. - Eddie McKenzie
Newfoundland and Labrador - Brad Gushue

Why is this my favourite event? There's always a story, and the curling is always excellent! Remember watching the Koe brothers finally play each other last year? Remember how excited the Koe boys were when they finally won it on that last draw to the button?

Remember the most awesomest curling shot ever by Glenn Howard in 2009?

Remember that same year watching the Howard brothers play each other? Glenn held the broom for Russ' last shot - it was so cute. A friend and I watched that game from my macbook during a class while we were in grad school, and almost gave ourselves away when shots were made, though the whole back row was following too. Poignant.

Anyways. This year is sure to not disappoint either. Glenn's got his son playing 5th, Russ' son will play again for NB, Martin is back, Gushue is back. Team Brad Jacobs out of Northern Ontario have joined twitter (follow @TeamBradJacobs) so that'll be fun to follow (they've done a great job on twitter so far, I hope they keep it up when the pressure is on!). And maybe we'll even get to see the spin:

Check out the draw schedule. TSN has advertised that the first game they will show is NB vs ON, otherwise who knows what we'll get but I image the March 10 evening draw on tv will be AB vs ON (and darn it all I have to work late that night).

All games will be shown on TSN at the following times (Mountain as usual):
Sat. Mar 5 - 12:30pm/5:30pm
Sun. Mar 6 - 7:30am/12:30pm/5:30pm
Mon. Mar 7 - 7:30am/12:30pm/5:30pm
Tues. Mar 8 - 7:30am/12:30pm/5:30pm
Weds. Mar 9 - 7:30am/12:30pm/5:30pm
Thurs. Mar 10 - 7:30am/12:30pm/5:30pm
Fri. Mar 11 -12:30pm Tiebreaker/5:30pm Page Playoff 1 v 2
Sat. Mar 12 - 12:30pm Page Playoff 3 v 4/5:30pm Semi-Final
Sun. Mar 13 - 5:30pm - Final

I'm not sure if there will be live streaming or video archiving on TSN. Judging by the complaints they got from the Scotties, I'm thinking that's likely.

For the first time this year, I want to see a Martin/Howard final. And then - may the best man win!