2011 Canadian Wheelchair #Curling Championship: Day 6

Today was a mellow day at the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships, for me anyways.

Since round robin was over and play offs were on, there was only one game on the ice - so I actually got to watch some curling. Previously I spent my time running in and out of the office updating the online scoring or taking photos. Today I watch the last half of each end. It was nice to finally watch more than a shot here or there. At one point I actually sat down and watched the curling! Slacker.

The club definitely had a different feel to it today, as there were few teams around in jackets. Yes, many of the other curlers did come to watch the games and the upstairs viewing area was still packed, but it wasn't the same hustle and bustle downstairs in the players area. I missed all the coloured jackets hanging around, but besides the teams playing, everything else was pretty relaxed.

All week people have been calling me @1CathyC's daughter, as I do look very similar to @ErinCraig11. Well, "mom" was nice enough to take her "daughters" out for lunch!

Pictures of the day:

1 vs 2 game: NS vs AB 

Big crowd again!

Last shot! AB wins it!

3 vs 4 game: MB vs BC

MB clinches the win, will met NS in Sunday's semi.

Day 6 article for the CCA's website: Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba still have a chance to win the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship

They rocked it out this evening too, with a band playing in the club lounge. What happens in the club lounge stays in the club lounge, but I was told by the boss to put this on youtube: