2011 Canadian Wheelchair #Curling Championship: Day 3

Tiring day today. Just like at work, I go go go until the night is over and then wonder what I did all day!

Today was full of more facebook photo uploading, picture tweeting, live scoring, article writing, quote finding, Timbit eating, email checking, sign making, and chatting to people. I did manage to post up some local media articles for people to read, as well as the ones I'm writing, on the windows of the office. We've got some good coverage, short articles in the papers, spots in the sports segment on the news, radio shout outs. I took a complaint that the paper isn't printing the standings, but hey, without connections we do what we can.

Oh, I also took a video! I love the sound of curling, and wheelchair curling has it's own particular sound as there's no yelling of the sweeping. Have a listen:

It's not fabulous, but decent, from my camera. There was only one place I could stand, right behind an official, so it was hard to get more than a couple sheets. 'A' for effort. If I have a minute I'll take some more later this week.

Besides chatting to lovely curling folks, my favourite part is zipping around the club, taking sneaky photos to post on twitter! Here's the best of the day:

Dinner! We had more high school curlers helping out today.

Our fearless leader tackling the media.

View from the lounge.

Best wheel cleaners in town!

I love the bright colours of the jackets against the white ice.

Northern Ontario's pin hat. I bugged them a lot today - thanks for putting up with me!

Where all the magic happens.

We're also posting photos to our facebook page, and the CCA has finally posted the official photos to their website. They look great! Our official photographer, Bevan Sauks is a non-curler, but he's been doing a super fantastic job at getting great shots of people. My officemate Kevin Malinowski has been taking all the photos we put on facebook, as well as the ones I use in my articles, and I'm doing the twitter ones. So far that's working good, except we're not getting the right credits sometimes, but we're nice people so we don't mind, as long as the curlers are getting their moment to shine!

Day 3 post from the CCA website: Alberta and Nova Scotia undefeated at the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship