2011 Canadian Wheelchair #Curling Championship: Day 5

Today marked my record for longest stretch of big event curling volunteering. I did 3 days (plus 3 days of spectating) at the Roar of the Rings, and 4 days at the Continental Cup this past January. Today was day 5 at the Wheelies.

Two important things that were saving me from insanity this week were the fact that there were no morning draws, and I was getting fed regularly on the meal plan. That all ended on day 5.

I'm not going to lie: I was grumpy. Tired. Annoyed. I know I wasn't the only one, and it was to be expected after spending 5 days in close quarters with the same people. [Do not ask me for a pen. The pens are in the same place they've been for the past four days. You've seen me get a pen to give you from that same place for the past four days. You know where the pens are. Don't not ask me for a bloody pen!] My grumpiness wore off throughout the day and was replaced by me talking to myself like a lunatic. And then I started getting numbers mixed up - not a good think when you're inputting line scores live to the internet.

This was also probably not the best day to bring to my attention the fact that I'd a) spelled someone's name wrong (which I got from the program so it really wasn't my fault or b) gotten a curler's position wrong (totally my fault) in my online articles I've been writing for the CCA. A for effort, F for fact checking. A sports journalist I am not. Yes, I read a couple textbooks, but neglected to take notes so it's not like I remembered anything. Writing those articles for the CCA has been fun, but a bit stressful as it's really outside my comfort zone. I hope it's been going over ok. Doubtful many people are reading them anyways.

And this was probably not the best week to put an offer in on a condo and go through all that time sensitive condo-pending stuff like getting a home inspection, talking to a lawyer, signing my life savings away for a small shoebox with a cracked balcony and shrinking hardwood.

Ah well.

Kudos to the CCA folks who do this for four months straight! Fortunately none of the curlers noticed, and things ran smoothly as usual. Our volunteer team is wonderfully amazing and have been working so hard all week! And I've heard nothing but glowing comments from the curlers, coaches, volunteers, spectators etc about how the event is running so far. That makes everything worth it!

Day 5 was the last day of the round robin. It was a bit tense as teams were fighting for playoff spots. It was also a bit sad. Despite all I've written in this post so far, I've really loved working at this event. Today was the last day all the curlers were in and playing on all the sheets and I shall miss that tomorrow as we go into one-game playoffs. I knew where everyone sat, could expect people to be in certain places at certain times and now it's done. Bitter sweet.

More photos:

Last day of round robin.

More media in today.

Coaches on the ice for practice.

Northern Ontario moose mascot!

Big crowd again today.

Coaches watching games.

Queen Elizabeth High School (my old high school!) in helping clean rocks.

After two games today, playoffs are set. Time to get serious!

Day 5 CCA article: Playoffs Set At Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship