2011 Canadian Wheelchair #Curling Championship: Day 2

Another busy day at the Jasper Place Curling Club. It's amazing how time flies when you have a million things to do!

Again, I arrived at the club for lunch, and then got busy working. There were 2 draws today, so that was 2 games of stats to update, double the draw sheets to post up on the walls, double the photos to upload, double the tweets to send out. And at time it seemed like double the phone calls to answer and double the volunteers to troubleshoot for.

Artwork by Colin Vince we are raffling off. Come buy a ticket! It's awesome!

We had another exciting visitor - this time a City Inspector came to say hi. Seriously, what's up with that timing! The club got the green sticker of approval and the event carried on. And wouldn't you know it, not an hour later did I receive a phone call from the Fire Alarm Inspector wanting to book an appointment to come test the fire alarms! Two in one day! Thankfully the club manager put them off until next week. The curlers were on the ice for the afternoon game, so it was just the coaches and alternates that had a good laugh!

There was also a lot of media in the club today at various times. We've been visited by all the major news networks in town, and most of the print newspapers have come to write stories or take photos. We received a couple phone calls about the interviews appearing on the news - and one couple even said they specifically came to watch after seeing the reports! How exciting! I got to talk to a sports guy on the phone, and hey that was pretty cool because he sounded exactly like he does on tv!

Two days in, and we're starting to get routines going.

Me: Eat, post out yesterday's CCA website article, check emails, post links to new content on facebook and twitter, answer phones, troubleshoot volunteer stuff, take some photos to put on facebook and twitter, live score the game using the CCA's curling software, tweet, talk to photographer, put up draw summaries, update standings posters, chat to lovely curling folks, tweet, track down interesting quotes, write summary article for CCA, repeat.

Curlers: Eat. Practice. Play. Eat. Practice. Play. Mix in socializing and team meetings in there, and that's what the curlers seem to be doing at the club. I saw one team napping upstairs in the corner, and I'm sure other teams are going back to the hotel to do the same. As usual, everyone is super nice and happy to chat or joke around. I seem to see the coaches more as they stay in the players area during games to keep stats etc. I pop out of the office every end to jot down scores to update, and try not to bother them too much, but they are very nice as well.

As are all of the officials. And the other volunteers. Two days in, and we're getting volunteers offering to come in tomorrow or the next day to get more shifts because they're having a good time. How lovely. We had a high school curling team in today to serve lunches and be on ice helpers, and after speaking to one of the skips he noted the curlers really appreciated that.

Official timekeepers

Yes, I like to live in that world where everything and everyone is happy. So far I haven't heard too many complaints so I'll assume it's all good.

Here's the second article from my go at sports journalism:
Day 2: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia in a four-way tie for the lead