Music Monday: Provincial Archive/Wool On Wolves/Deep Dark Woods

Finally, a Music Monday post! For all you new curling followers - time to discover some fantastic new Canadian alt-country folky music!

It's a triple bill this week with The Provincial Archive, Wool On Wolves and The Deep Dark Woods. There is a fantastic concert happening this Friday, Feb. 11 at the Myer Horowitz Theatre at the University of Alberta. Unfortunately I can't go because I'm at a course (Government Information Resources - it promises to be fascinating, and that's not sarcasm*). The show starts at 7pm and it's cheap ($17.50). There will be banjos!! Someone go and tell me all about it. Video would be a nice touch.

What?! You've never heard of the bands? Well, here's your chance...

The Provincial Archive (official, myspace)

Wool On Wolves (official, myspace)

The Deep Dark Woods (official, myspace)

*Seriously, government information is a fascinating topic (remember I'm kind of a law librarian), and I'm super glad my library let me go on a weekend long course to learn about it! I really wish I wasn't missing this concert though. I haven't been to a concert since December and have nothing planned for awhile. And there will be banjos! Le sigh. At least there's lot's of curling stuff going on.