#Curling on TV: Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Starting Saturday February 19, and right up until the final on Sunday February 27 - there's going to be some awesome curling on tv! It's Scotties Tournament of Hearts time!

Teams are:

Territories/Yukon: Kerry Galusha
BC: Kelly Scott
Alberta: Shannon Kleibrink
Saskatchewan: Amber Holland
Manitoba: Cathy Overton-Clapham
Ontario: Rachel Homan
Quebec: Marie-France Larouche
New Brunswick: Andrea Kelly
Nova Scotia: Heather Smith-Dacey
PEI: Suzanne Gaudet Birt
Newfoundland: Stacie Devereaux
Canada: Jennifer Jones

This year, ladies nationals is Charlottetown, PEI, so not so good for watching in my time zone (they're 3hrs ahead). All games are on TSN, and here's the schedule in Mountain time:

Saturday Feb. 19 - 11:30am/4:30pm

Sunday Feb. 20 - 6:30am/11:30am/4:30pm
Monday Feb. 21 - 6:30am/11:30am/4:30pm
Tuesday Feb. 22 - 6:30am/11:30am/4:30pm
Wednesday Feb. 23 - 6:30am/11:30am/4:30pm
Thursday Feb. 24 - 6:30am/11:30am/4:30pm
Friday Feb. 25 - 11:30am tiebreaker/4:30pm 1vs 2
Saturday Feb. 26 - 9:00am 3 vs 4/2:00pm semi
Sunday Feb. 27 - 4:30pm final

The draw schedule is here. Who knows which game TSN will feature - but I guarantee they will show the Jones (CAN) vs Overton-Clapham (MB) game Wednesday night. Both skips say it's just s regular game, but considering what happened in the summer, it's bound to be a bit tense!

Who am I picking to win? Well, I enjoy following Jill Officer on twitter, and have great respect for Jennifer Jones after hearing her answers at the Up Close & Personal bit during the Continental Cup last month, so I will be following Team Jones/Canada. I'll also be following Team Homan/Ontario - I've been following the lead Lisa Weagle on twitter for awhile, long before I figured out she played for Homan actually. And of course I'll be cheering for Team Kleibrink/Alberta, because I cheered for them at the Olympic Trials and the Alberta Scotties and I met Amy Nixon's mom and she was lovely so hey, they're my pick to win!

I'm looking forward to watching a bunch of the games (likely via PVR, so no live scoring). I'm seriously considering volunteering for the Scotties next year in Red Deer (either with the CCA web team if they'll have me back, or as a regular volunteer) if I can find a couch to sleep on, so consider this year's Scotties advanced research.

It's going to be a good week of curling!


  1. If you don't "buck up" to play in my pool. You should at least play along as if you entered and see how much fun it is.

  2. Yay! Scotties is my favourite time of year. This month is the one month of the year I really wish we had satellite TV so that we could watch TSN... but we don't so I will be watching VOD online after the fact. Maybe you and I can coordinate and watch not live games together ;)

  3. Cheryl, we should totally coordinate and watch not live games at the same time!


  5. Yes, TSN doesn't live stream the games, but they should be archived online shortly after the game ends (about 1hr). If they're not up yet, email TSN and voice your concern.

  6. Very disappointed in the lack of games online! All I see on TSN is highlights! Anyone have the actual games online somewhere?


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