#Curling on TV (Maybe): Alberta Men's Provincials

This week is one of my favourite curling events - it's time for the Alberta men's provincials! Starting today, from February 9-13, the best Alberta men's teams will be in High River (just south of Calgary) playing for a chance to go to the Brier. Teams include: Appelman, Ferbey, Kennedy, Koe, Martin, Meek, Petryk, Powell, Schlender, Virtue, Walchuk, and Walker.

Yes, you read that right: Ferbey, Koe, Martin - it's tough to get out of Alberta!

You can follow along from the 2011 Boston Pizza Alberta Men's Curling Championship website.

Apparently the whole event sold out weeks ago! I went to the final weekend in 2008 and 2009 and can vouch for the fact it's some of the best curling in the world. I'm still kicking myself for missing the 2010 final when Koe won (oh the sacrifices I made to earn a masters degree) and can't go this year because it's a bit too far. Maybe I'll try make it out next year (I hear it's in Camrose, so far but not too far).

Unfortunately you can't really watch the event unless you're live in the arena (well, there used to be CurlTV but don't get me started on that) - but they usually show the final on Shaw TV in Alberta - the final goes at 2pm on Sunday, February 13. I'm making a special effort to visit a home with Shaw cable around that time, so I hope it's on - perhaps I'll live tweet the scores for y'all.

Predictions for the winner? Of course I'll cheer for Koe, but I reckon Martin will take it.


  1. Thanks for the link to the event web site, makes keeping up on the scores at work easy.


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