Snow Day In #yeg!

Edmonton is snowed under. It started falling yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped since. They're predicting 20-40 cm of snow by tomorrow. A few weeks ago I agreed to housesit three houses this particular weekend - who knew?! I shovelled them all last night, took me 90 minutes. I was 10 minutes in this morning and was told to stop. See, my dad is a snow removal guy. His company has some machines and they do parking lots for businesses and sidestreets sometimes for the city. He's promised to come by later to do all my driveways. I hate hate hate asking for help, and I would've done it myself, but I'll accept defeat this one time. There's just too much snow!

The following photos were taken this morning - there's more snow now! These are all from my iphone, pretty good quality I'd say, if a little dark, but I more blame the sky and less the camera.

 I posted this photo of my car on Twitter, and a CBC reporter wanted to use it for a story, so my photo made it on the CBC News website! And later on I found out it made the Edmonton Journal's website as well!

I tried to shovel, but gave up. The snow was just above my ankles this am.

The backyard deck, which I have to shovel every time the dog I'm looking after this week needs to get out.

Neighbour's winter wonderland backyard.

The view from the basement window, which is a couple inches above ground level.

Very quiet out front. I don't intend to leave until tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully it'll have stopped snowing by then. I didn't anticipate it being this bad. I was going to go back to the house I'm living at (as opposed to the one I'm staying at this weekend while temporarily dog sitting in the next subdivision) to eat dinner and watch my PVR or play Wii so I don't have much food! Looks like it's peanut butter toast for dinner!


  1. Pretty awesome that you're picture got used in a CBC article AND in the journal. You're a world-famous (or at least national-famous) photographer now!


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