Photo-A-Day: Week #20

This week's post is another uninspiring one, but considering I almost quit this photo-a-day thing on Monday, the fact that I'm posting something/anything is significant.

This may indeed be my last photo-a-day post anyways. I've run out of room in my Picasa account - my iphone/camera photos sucked all my space in these 20 weeks! It took me 3yrs to fill up half my storage space, and 20 weeks to fill the other half, crazy. Those files are huge! I can buy more space, but honestly, I'm not sure I want to spend money to store these photos, only to have the bought space fill up and then I'll have to buy more space and I really don't want to pay Google any money because they already own all of my info anyways.

Solutions are to a) buy more storage (20GB for $5 a year -  a subscription! Crap, don't like that, though it is 4000 more photos. How long would it take me to eat that up? Does that mean I have to pay Google forever??) or b) stop photo-a-day and delete all photo-a-day posts thus far to free up all my space again to use for other things. I have to say, I'm a bit torn. Wouldn't it be better to take good photos and post less often rather than crappy uninspiring ones to post every week? It takes awhile to put together these posts, and I'm not willing to spend the extra time to convert every photo to a smaller size. I do kind of like doing it though. But maybe I should spend the time doing other things like work or actually reading a book or relaxing offline for once.

Oh I'm so torn. What to do what to do...

January 17, 2011: I'm tired of all this snow!

January 18, 2011: Once again, I'm tired of shovelling snow. At least my mitts are warm!

January 19, 2011: Trip to the dentist - yay no cavities!!

January 20, 2011: Another game, another loss, but at least they didn't play too badly.

January 21, 2011: So much snow!

January 22, 2011: Oilers Skills Competition - fun for the players, fun for the fans, just darn fun!

Bonus January 22, 2010: Mille Bornes - one of my favourite card games.

Bonus January 22, 2011: Pie! My friend made her first pie (peach berry) and it turned out great!

Bonus January 21, 2011: Settlers of Catan - I lost by 1 turn! Also because I forgot I needed to build a settlement before a city, and then because I can't count.

January 23, 2011: Still undefeated in the Sunday Beginner's League. That junior team keeps almost kicking our butts though!

So as you can see, Saturday was a good day. Now I have a hard decision to make. Until now, I've maintained an online presence without paying any money. I like that. Now I need to subscribe to Google. I don't like that. *sigh* It's going to be a hard week.


  1. Don't stop! I love your Photo-A-Day posts! Have you thought about reducing the size of the photos more before you upload them? You could potentially do that to previous photos too to regain some space.

    When I look at the photos on the main blog page they're less than half the size of when I actually click on them. So you could maybe reduce them to the size they are on the main page (and keep full-size copies for yourself). Not sure how practical that is. I think there's free software that can help you do batches of files rather than each one individually. I'll have to ask Kellie--I think she has software like that.

  2. A couple suggestions....

    1. Picasa is cheap enough. $5 for 20GB? That seems reasonable.

    2. Flickr is unlimited if you pay $25/year. I pay currently, though I use it less and less.

    3. According to Wikipedia, Windows Live Photo offers 25GB for free. That's an awful lot, as Picasa only currently offers 1GB.

    4. You could just delete some old pictures, or reupload them as reduced-resolution files. Not sure how you're uploading them, but for web viewing there's no need to post a full 12MP file. That doesn't mean you TAKE pictures at anything but full resolution, but you can share them that way.

    Don't give it up yet... this is like the 15-20K word mark for NaNoWriMo. Push through and it'll get easier and more inspired as you go.

  3. Have you thought about using a sliiiiiighty grainier setting on your camera? Would reduce file sizes... I know it offends the artist but...

    Or just create a string Of "throwaway" Google acccounts. That would work AND you could preserve color depth

  4. Tara: I keep waffling on how big to display my photos on the blog - the extra large photos take awhile to load on some browsers. And there's no way I'm taking the time to reduce the size of my photos. Good idea, but time consuming, plus I'd have to redo 20 posts, plus misc others.

    Jay: I'll have to check into Windows Live. Seems hypocritical for a macgirl though. And again, I really don't have the time to resize photos, especially considering I'd have to redo 20 posts. But that's an option, yes. I could just pay $5/year, but I don't like the idea of Google owning my photos, yes they do already, but what happens when I stop paying in ten years? There goes my archive! (Yeah, like I'll still be doing this in ten years...)

    Tony: I like the idea of throwaway accounts, but have to figure out how to get the photos into blogger. Right now it's a super easy upload because my accounts are all linked. I'll have to think more about this.

    Once again I'm having a hard time making an adult decision.


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